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Smoking with my Mom

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplemudkip, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I'm eighteen, living at home, in college. for some reason I've always wanted to smoke with my mom, who also smokes but not as intensively as I do. she knows that I do it, and she doesn't mind as long as I'm not "lazy, unmotivated, or getting in trouble with the cops." my sister and i have smelled weed on her on occasion and have come home unexpected to a weed-smelling house. Weed is kind of a taboo at my house. I hide my paraphernalia and I don't make it obvious that I've smoked unless I come home from a friend's house smelling like weed. She's never said anything about it, even after a five blunt hotbox one time.

    How do I propose smoking with my mom?
  2. Ha the way we got my friend's mom to smoke with us is we asked her if she had "a bowl". Some parents don't want to cross that line though. They have to be the authoritative figure and some think if they burn with you they'll lose that.
  3. Ask her if she has some papers
  4. thanks for the suggestions. im going to a hookah lounge with her tomorrow. maybe that'll pave the way for discussion and proposition. i can't do it for another three weeks till my T-break is over
  5. my mom bitched me out for smoking. stole my pipe and my weed. and refuses to admit she smokes.
  6. i dont think i could smoke weed with my sons, they're 28 and 30 and they know i have done it forever and i know the oldest has smoked it its just that i cant cross that line to smoke it with them... i would feel as if i had lost the "Dad" factor i guess. when they're around i dont do it in front of them out of respect for them and they have a mutual respect for me for not doing it in front of them and we keep it at that. plus my wife would fuckung kill me if i ever smoked weed with her "babies" lmao...

  7. do you drink with them?

  8. yes, that i do.. i brew my own beer and wine so when they come visit we do alot of taste testing. my oldest is a microbrew conisour so to speak, he knows his shit when it comes to microbrew. love drinking some beers with them both, they're both good sons proud of them both.

  9. my dad loves to drink with me. and i'm only 20. it must be some good family bonding time. where i come from though (conservative utah) drinking with your kids is about as acceptable with smoking weed with them. my dad smokes, but like you i don't think he'd ever smoke with us.

  10. ure Dad sounds like a smart guy, mutual respect saves alot of future regret. i really dont understand how a parent could even consider burnin' with there kids, grant you i know they're young adults but to me they're my kids first and always.
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    The first time I ever smoked was with my mom. She still smokes me out sometimes. She even bought me my first bong! I guess it's kind of weird, considering I'm a pretty hardcore conservative, but it's a good way to bong(bond). She did however keep some boundaries. Her rule was "not until you're 18 and a legal adult."

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