Smoking with my bro

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  1. My brother is about 5 years older than me, I got done smoking with my boy and it's getting late so I grab my bag and head home. I get home and pull out a blunt and start rolling on my desk, and my brother walks in and is like "OMG tell me thats weed!" I said yeah.. and he kept going on about how hadn't smoked in awhile. So I roll this up and head out back with my bro to smoke this blunt I just made. It was dark as hell and our backyard is pretty big, so I walked ahead to pick out the spot and I just flick my lighter so he can see where I'm at and he flicks his.

    Were smoking on this blunt and some lady turns on her lights and my bro starts getting paranoid, we get to a small ass roach size, and he's like "Put that shit out!" so I did, and I threw it in my neighbors yard. He's like "Don't throw it in there! He'll come to our house and ring the bell" and I said "So what? I'll just say I don't know what you're talking about you're 10 year old daughter is smoking weed" So we both start cracking up nonstop.

    I can't leave the blunt in my yard, my dad works on the garden alot, so I just threw it over there.. They can't really do anything, and I doubt they'll come here, but imagine the guys face if I told him that. Hahaha.
  2. lol that sounds just like me and my brother when we toke it up.

    he lives in england, so i only see him about once or twice a year if im lucky. when i was there this summer, we bought an Oz together, and used to smoke about 2 doobs a night. one time, wed already smoked 2, and about 2 hours later, at like 4am, the door to my room opens and he walks in with a giant fucking doobie, after i thought he was already asleep.

    smoking with family is fun
  3. this story is eerily similar to my situation haha i have an older brother 5 years older and we smoke together all the time in backyard haha and i always toss it into the neighbors yard
  4. lmao,my bro is 3 years older than me n me n him n all my friends do the same shit wen we smoke in my backyard.we must have tossed over hunders of roaches,i cnt believe he hasnt seen em all lol

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