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smoking with mom and dad

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by smokedout, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. I am curious, do any of you smoke with your parent(s)? Or depending on your age, do you smoke with your kids? I know my dad tokes, but we've never lit it up together. But my boyfriend and I have with his mom. So, what about you?
  2. i smoke with my dad. he's been a stoner all my life, and before that. the first time was when i was 17 and it was my family grad party. we've been passing the torch ever since.
  3. I wish my dad was a pothead, he thinks weed is evil. My mom however saw me when i was really high and didnt say anything..hmmm.

  4. most peoples parents.. if they are in that certain age group.. (45-60) grew up in the hip times.. and are down with blazing, espescially in vancouver..

    ive coned with my rents since i was like 16 (occaisionally)..
    im 19 now, and they are still chillen
  5. I smoke with my mom.Weve always known each others smoked since i was 13.She used tyo be a local dealer.I used to get free sacks from her.It was the shit.But she quit so now we all pay for pot.
  6. my mom quit two years before i was born and i smoke with my dad, i don't really smoke often without him.
  7. I smoked with my Mom and Dad back in the early '70s and with my daughter this past 4th of July. I taught all of my brothers and sister, and my wifes siblings the pleasure of the green and some of them still toke today.
  8. Well, i got dad to fess up to smoking weed, he used to do it in the 70's while in colledge, and mom thinks everything is the devil so fuck her, but i dunno about dad, maybe someday ill just get him to smoke
  9. my parents, no way. too religious, which isn't a bad thing for them but they're anti-pot.

    my biological mom, however, (i'm adopted), is a big phat pothead. when i visit her, i make sure to bring her the cali nugs since in her area all she gets is schwag, or at best, poorly grown/cured green.

    i also had the privelage of getting phishheads's mom really high AND giving her a pot cookie, that had ME(who eats pot food alot and has a high tolerance) giggling so bad i had to leave the room to keep myself from looking like a maniac.

    she was pretty damn ripped, and it was pretty cool. i can't wait til she visits again :D
  10. ganjaphish, you' be cool to drink tea with. :)
  11. i've been trying to convince them for ages. despite their apparant inteligence, they are totally sucked in by the propaganda machine. one day.... one day.

    the thought of making a stir fry for them with some in it has crossed my mind... but spiking people has never been my style.
  12. My mom quit when I was about 10 but I burn with my dad all the time and she doesn't care toooo much. The best was my bachalor party with all my friends and my dad and some of his friends. My best man who is also my cousin rented a full size school bus and we blazed and drank our way for 200 miles. Hitting countless bars and strip clubs. Everyone still talks about how much fun we had and how cool my dad is.



  13. so would you! if any of ya'all are ever in northern california hit me up!
  14. I am not too happy about my parents not cool because they hate drug but dad doesnt and i cant explain it but that amazes my friend jeff who is not a pot head but he does coke and ive never tried coke because i think it could kill me but anyways dads stash was in his sock drawer and i hate socks that are made of wool because here am i sitting in a tin can far above the world planet earth is blue and theres nothing i can do though ive crossed 100,000 miles im feeling very scared and i think my spaceship knows which was to go tell my wife i love her very much she knows ground control to major tom your circuits dead theres something wrong can you hear me major tom can you hear me major tom can you hear me major tom...david bowie rocks yo!

  15. that was hillarious to read lmao
  16. I wish I could toke with my dad, wonder when he'll actually let me smoke him up since all he smokes is bunk.
  17. im hoping your a female...
  18. ive nvr toked up with my parents they dont even no i smoke i might sometime with my dad cuz hes like 53 and he grew up in thows days and from what my mom says he used to b a big pot head but my mom is the total opposite she was always the good girl even thow she lit up once or twice shes like against all drugs
  19. my parents are the same way and my dads even a chemist but they still think its evil although i have convinced both of em its better than alchohol but my moms an aalchoholic and used to be a hippie but she gave up her art for buisness and conformed to the fucking mainstrem


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