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Smoking with jet lighters

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Twopence, Apr 4, 2011.

  1. I've seen people smoke cones with jet lighters and it doesn't look to good
  2. Not sure what the point of this is

    But yes, you can use a mini torch lighter to smoke out of a bowl, use it to light a joint, whatever. It's fire. I'd rather not use one for anything but heating up glass/titanium (and not a mini one at that), but it works just fine, you just have to hold it far away from the bowl and make sure you don't scorch it.
  3. Yeah, I stay away from torches when I smoke. It's too easy to scorch your bud.
  4. Just don't put the flame directly on the bud. Hold it a couple centimetres above the bowl.
  5. Yeah that's probably why it looks bad cause it looks like there just scorching the weed

  6. Why doesn't it look good when someone lights a joint? -_-

    You don't have to hold the lighter on the J the whole time, nor do you have to inhale while the flame is contacting it at all.. whatever works will work and get the job of igniting a joint done.

    If my friend pulled out a joint, pulled his pants down and lit a fart on fire, sparked the joint with the flame, and hit it a few times I'd tell em pass that shit. :smoke:
  7. Haha good point, im so baked right now.
  8. That shits disgusting, they just love butane.

    I got a jet lighter, a can of butane and a glass wand and havent looked back at using a regular lighter. This gets me way higher.... guarenteed
  9. Jet lighter? That's just another name for torch lighters right? I've seen a lot of people using them lately. I've never used one so I don't know if taste is affected at all, but they seem good to use for lighting joints/blunts and glass if you're taking huge snap hits. And I'd imagine the temp is higher so it gets all of the cannabinoids.

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