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Smoking with hemp rope

Discussion in 'Other Toking Tools' started by PackersFTW, Feb 4, 2012.

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    For those who smoke with it, or have tried it, what do you think? I've been using it for about a week now, and I can say that it adds a nice little taste to it.

    The main reason they claim it's better has to do with the butane in lighters. Not just being bad for you, but the taste. About the former, I think we'll survive; you're inhaling freakin smoke into your lungs and the butane is minimal. And the taste? Perhaps I'm just used to butane and don't notice, but after like 5 or 6 uses of the rope, I accidentally used a lighter, and I didn't taste any difference at all, minus the rope flavor.

    Oh and another thing, it's absolutely perfect if you pack a big bowl and don't want to torch the whole thing. I pack 1 hit bowls, but with hemp rope you could easily turn a 3 hit bowl into a 4 hit bowl.
  2. I have also started using it over the last few months as I have been going through the process of upgrading all my smoking equipment and I though the hemp rope would be a good addition, however I have found myself using the lighter again as the rope seems to be really strong tasting sometimes and ruins the bud, I am now looking for a herb iron or similar to see if that is better
  3. Well no, minimal isn't what you want to look at it as..

    Think of all the people you have seen torch bowls. Do you think that butane is just dissipating before it hits the nug? It's being literally bathed over it

    Think of all the bowls you have hit by yourself and you just can't get it to light by using your bic, causing you to constantly hit the emit fumes button and you eventually inhale that 'tane...

    notice the back of your throat if you were to go and smoke a bowl with a tane lighter.... on my body, my throat got this itchy tingling feeling if I used a bic lighter... went out to my lhs and bought a spool of hemp wick

    Just think of all the times you've ever used a butane lighter to light your nug, and add those up together and just imagine capturing all the butane that eventually got down your pipe and condense it into one giant container over your smoking career, essentially, this is what your inhaling, just not all at once. Now, some can argue that the body can repair itself by the time anything major happens, but I beg to differ

  4. I agree with Tflga (congrats on 3k posts mate!:D) . At first I hadn't noticed a big difference, but it's about the minimal difference adding up to a big help. I now notice the "butane" taste when using a lighter, so i use wick when I can. Not only am I not inhaling butane, but I'm also saving myself from toxic smoke from the flint flying off the bic lighter and igniting on my bowl. :cool:
  5. To each his own. Butane taste like shit, and I can't take big rips because of it. So Humboldt Wick and Hot Hit Wands for the win...
  6. I haven't used hemp wick before, but I really want to go out and get some.
  7. I always use it. If anything, your lighters will last a hell of a lot longer. I just wrap every lighter I buy with a a couple metres of line.
  8. Its allb about the heat wand! Heat a special glass rod up and just barely touch your bud. If done right shit taste vaped.
  9. As a few people above have said, it makes your lighters stretch a lot further. Especially for someone like me who also smokes tobacco.
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    That's an understatement. Just walking behind a car while it's running is probably 50x worse for you than 1 hit from a lighter, not to mention the fact that you're breathing in exhaust all the time when you're behind smelly cars while driving. But do you always keep your vents on recirculate? No. But putting your vents on recirculate all the time would be a better health choice than using hemp wick, I can almost guarantee it.

    So not only can your body handle it, you're doing way worse things to your body every day, all the time. Taking a bite out of a fast food burger is probably worse for you than a hit of a lighter.

    I like the taste of the hemp though, and it's fun to use, so I will be using that from here on out.

    Yes, because lighters are an expensive part of smoking. $1.50 for a lighter vs $350 for an oz.

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