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Smoking with heart problem?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by goingupinsmoke, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. I have a heart problem where I have episodes of tachycardia and pre-syncope (fainting)

    The problem it self isn't usually life threatening.. But whenever I smoke.. even a small amount like one hit my heart rate can get as high as 180bpm and I have palpitations (feeling your heart beating hard in your chest). Which helps bring out paranoia...

    Now I know no one has died from weed but I cant even enjoy smoking anymore.. :(

  2. talk to ur doctor
  3. Not possible.. I live far from my doctor and I dont want to call and ask because I will have to explain to the nurses..
  4. I would seek professional advice, unless we have a doctor aboard no one is going to give you accurate information. The only advice I can give you is if you still decide to smoke, take it nice and slow at a nice laid back pace. That helps to make it less intense on the heart from my experiences.
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    Mine is not as bad as yours but I get a really bad heart rate at the gym (200 bpm) and have had palpitations since grade school. I also have shaky hands for some reason. I smoke every day and you should be fine. I would start slow then move from there. Make sure you eat before hand as it will help.
  6. Yea.. I here ya on that.. Mine gets just as fast exercising. Im already hyper sensitive to weed as it is.. I can take one hit of middies and be pleanty high..
  7. maybe you just need to step up into dank and it wont be as harsh on you. I used to feel the same when I smoked regs or mids and as soon as I switched to dank, it has been so much easier to enjoy
  8. i dont have any heart problems at the moment (history of murmurs though)...

    but i feel your problem. contact your doctor to be safe. and to be honest, if your in the USA at least, hes most likely going to say its dangerous just due to its illegality.

    how many different strains have you tried? some strains really make your heart beat hard and fast... i had some bomb amsterdam cheese last week that even after one hit, i felt it in my heart. my heart rate felt like it was speeding up, the pounding felt harder... no pain though. and i actually like a good high like that... perfect for laying down and listen to trippy technoish music :)

    my advice- theres been no deaths reported from marijuana. scientists out there are doing their BEST to dry and dig up dirt on weed... they want to find that weed is dangerous so they have reason to keep it illegal. never have i read an article about weed being dangerous for your heart or worsening heart conditions. if i were you, id simply hit the pipe lightly until you get comfortable enough to smoke more.
  9. 180 bpm isnt safe man sorry. You probably wouldnt die anytime soon, but your not doing your heart any favors. My heart gets to like 120 and that lasts maybe 10 minutes. Yours is a bit too fast. It may be becuase your trippin and focusing on it but you might want to just quit.
  10. Cannabis naturally speeds up your heart; that's one "symptom" that's consistent in everyone.

    Heart problems are definitely not something the consumption of cannabis helps, unfortunately. If I were you I'd stop smoking completely. It's shitty circumstances, I know, but when life has shit on you already there's really no point in seeing how far you can go before having your heart give out.

    Remember, your heart is what's keepin' you alive. You might as well treat it right.

    I may not be a doctor yet, but I'm sure yours would tell you the same. Any sort of drug isn't good for an abnormal heart, dude.
  11. Yeah i have a heart issue also my heart beats at 50bmp so i tend to pass out quite easily. I also have a heart murmurer and an abnormal heart beat. but i have been smoking for about 2 years and I haven't died but i wouldn't suggest my methods for you because it may be a different heart condition you have so I would say take the trip to your doctor and ask them how bad it would be. thats my input hope it gave some incite.

  12. I had a problem with anxiety attacks after I took Adderall a few times. My heart would race, and I thought I had damaged it by doing adderall. I had an EKG done and whatnot, and the doc told me how to deal with panic attacks.
    Later I started learning Qi Gong, which had completely eliminated these panic attacks until I smoked a bowl that my buddy decided to dump some coke in. Now my heart has decided to start skipping a beat. Now it's usually happening in short bouts of about 5 within 15-20 seconds of eachother. It's kinda' scary, and I honestly don't know what to do about it. I'm thinking about acupuncture, but everything I have read says it's usually not a great concern and that it's usually permanent once it has begun!?
  13. I used to have heart palpitations when I was younger, then I started working out and being healthy and it went away. I recently decided to start smoking again and at first I was smoking everyday for like a week and a half straight, at that point I started having heart palpitations and an insane rapid heart beat. Stop smoking for a week and the whole week I didn't smoke I heart heart palpitations literally every 30-60 seconds.

    Decided to start smoking again and now only do it on the weekends and I haven't had any heart problems since. But I do workout regularly so that may help me out a lot.
  14. I'm hypersensitive to weed, have mvp, and aorta regurge. My doc said I can still use weed in moderation though. But I'm to afraid to so I havent smoked in months...
  15. Weed hasn't ever killed anyone
  16. Like I said take it easy and go for there. I can contest that after I started to play golf and work out more I started to see it go away. Just take it easy when you run, as your heart will move really fast so take it slow and go from there.
  17. why dont you bake it instead of smokin it that way you can still get high without the harmfull smoke
  18. The smoke is only part of it, THC if what makes your heart rate increase.

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