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Smoking with heart palpitations

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Squigglyf4ce, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Recently, I was admitted to the hospital because I had been taking creatine and whey protein products for lifting weights. The past few months I had been nauseous and bloated all the time and had bad bowel movement. On Friday of this last week I went to the ER because I was trembling and very nauseous, but never actually puked. Ended up having to stay the night and have them track my heart rate and see what happens when I sleep because i would always wake up in the middle of the night sick and my heart would be pounding, as well as my organs. They ran multiple blood tests and thus found out that the creatine and whey protein I had been taking was causing heart irregularities and causing me to have heart palpitations and arrhythmia.

    Now to why I posted this, I smoke here and there, mainly when I'm nauseous because it helps a lot, or if I just want to relax for the night, but would I be safe to smoke? A lot of the reason I keep having these heart scares is because of anxiety (which whey protein also induces). So I figured, if I smoke I want to know if it won't make them worse or not.

    Thanks for reading guys.
  2. I would ask your doctor if it was me..I know smoking increases your heart rate but i dont know if that would be bad for your condition.. if you live in a medical state possibly look into getting strains that are higher in CBD such as harlequin those are great for anxiety and relaxing and my heart does not pound nearly as much with those i believe because of the CBD.. i hope you get it figured out heart issues are some scary shit
  3. Yeah especially when you're only 19 years old... Thanks for the suggestion. I would go to the doctor, but I'm technically not legal to ask about that haha!
  4. Creatine and whey have been studied extensively, they do not cause heart palpitations or arrhythmia.

    I have anxiety and I have to watch out for the thc/thca to cbd/cbda ratio. If I take in too much thc I get an anxiety attacks which for me entails heart palpation and when more severe chest pain.

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  5. I have anxiety too... Don't get stoned out of the universe. Also, CBD should relax you if anything but it's best to ask a doctor.
  6. I beg to differ because that's why I was in the hospital. You'll have to tell me what studies you read and who funded it because kidneys don't fail on their own at 19 years old of someone who is intensively active. Not being rude, I'm just trying to let people know that creatine isn't something to mess with anymore from my opinion.
  7. Well I decided to take a couple of hits last night of Blue Magoo and it went pretty well! I could definitely tell my heart rate went up, but it was steady - not so low and high like normal. I'll let you guys knows if anything else happens guys. Thanks for the suggestions and help.
  8. Alright answer me this, and this is an honest questions. I have been taking protein supplements from whey since about the beginning of high school, maybe a little earlier. Is there a possibility that I took too much over the years and now, from 15-almost 20 years old, my kidney is acting up?
  9. No, I would see a nephrologist if I were you, especially since you are so young. You should see a specialist.

    Are you on any medication? I had to stop taking creatine and excess protein because I started taking lithium which causes premature kidney aging.

    Also don't get confused about creatine and creatinine. If you work out excess creatinine will be in your blood because of muscle damage. Creatinine levels in your blood is one way of testing if your kidneys are functioning properly. If you work out a lot you will have naturally high creatinine levels. I had this happen to me because I work out regularly and I get regular blood tests because of the lithium I am prescribed. My doc had me stop working out for 2 weeks and then they retested and my levels were normal.

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  10. Yeah they are having me see a cardiologist and a nephrologist. They said my creatinine levels were at 1.3 when they should have been like .6 - 1.0 they told me. Something about the heart sending too many enzymes to the kidney which was damaging it.

    I don't take any medications, just probiotics and daily vitamins that my parents have been giving me since I was 13.
  11. Crazy stuff, I hope they figure out what's going on.

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  12. They do know what's going on... Lol
  13. Ok heres my story, I been smoking weed for 25 years.

    By my friend’s house we starting growing weed and then making potent hash.

    Last year I was smoking hash every day strong stuff. One night my heart was racing so fast I could not sleep it scared the shit out of me this never happened before.

    I ended up going to the emergery room. They did many tests could not find anything.

    To make a long story short in the next 2 weeks I was in 4 different hospitals. Being 50 years old I had every heart, artery test done. Even fill my veins with die to check for clogs. All came back negative.

    So two weeks later my heart is still racing none stop day and night with feeling of paranoid and also claustrophobic.
    So a few people said it sounds like anxiety I told the doctor lets try something for anxiety so he gave me xanex and in 1 hour after 2 weeks of heart racing I felt great..

    I was on xanex for 4 months before it finally when away.

    So after 2 years of not smoking weed I started again a few months ago last week it came back. Now im on xanex again because it feel like my heart beats so fast ..(pounding) can’t think or function..

    Now im thinking that thc stays in your system for month’s that’s when it will go away again now..

    If and when it goes away I will never smoke again.

    Has anyone else heard of this, with it being legal in many state and being more potent it has to be happening to others.

    I not the best at writing but I hope I can get some answers. My heart is racing a bit now because im taking small amounts of xanex to control this.

  14. Do the palpitations get worse when you smoke?

    In m experience cannabis doesn't cause palpitations. THC causes tachycardia (fast heart rate) but even when I get stoned out of my mind I don't get more palpitations than usual. (It's a medicine side effect for me)

    And when I inhale secondhand cigarette smoke I get painful palpitations. I'm not a doc tho

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  15. HI..
    I have not smoked since it started again, I did not have any when i quiet for the past 2 years and they when away...
    Since i started smoking again about 4 months ago, in the past month i was having rushes with fast heart beat which
    i know i normal for i have smoked for almost 30 years.. But then its like the rush came with the fast heart beats and does not go away 24/7..The xanex is the only thing that controls it.. I will wait to see i know it take about 4 months for the thc to leave the body..
    I have done a lot of research on this and cannabis does cause palpitations, almost like a over dose..
    Could Marijuana cause Palpitations? - eHealthMe

    Thanks for your reply..tom
  16. Ingesting cannabis can cause hypoglycemia in some individuals especially if ingested on an empty stomach which can cause or worsen palpitations.

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  17. A while back i snuck into my buddy's house broke into a jar of his and burned a bong or two. About 30 min later i was intense heart palpitations and anxiety through the night. The next day i saw him and told him about and he gives me the Haha your dumbass broke into the heart palpitaion weed. Apparently a couple nights before he and another buddy gave themselves heart palpitations and anxiety. We ended up tossing the rest in the fire. Im thinking it was an improper flush or pesticides that were used. This was just commercial bud from a dealer.

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