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smoking with gum in your mouth?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by firewall1, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. well. this has been on my mind quite a bit. i looked it up on google but got nothing except for nicorrette ads. and gum disease information...

    my question blades is what scientific evidence is there that smoking with gum in your mouth leads to tongue cancer? even though it does make the gum taste like shit
  2. never heard that one!
  3. are you a smoker? ciggarette smoker. not the chronic
  4. i like to chew gum sometimes to give my vapor hits a little extra boost of flavor.. and it can be any gum flavor and any strain of weed, mix and match, its fun...
  5. I like to chew gum while I'm smoking weed cause it doesnt make my mouth too dry and helps me not cough so much!
  6. ive heard it can increase the chance of mouth cancer but don't kkno if its true.
  7. I chew bubblegum flavored orbit while smoking, makes it tasty :)
  8. only if i could keep track of my packs of gum :p good idea though +rep
  9. haha if your talking about cigs...your smoking cigs you know its bad for you dont worry about the extra 1% of mouth cancer (i am guilty of smoking cigs)..... and if were talking trees i doubt it and if your that worried just quit smoking all togather

    :D so dont be worried and just smoke
  10. My friends also told me this a couple weeks ago too? COINCIDENCE?
  11. i dont quite frankly care. its just everytime i light up a smoke with gum in my mouth people like turn there heads to jump me about how bad it is. and they wont accept "i dont give a fuck" as a logical answer XD just wanted to know HOW bad it is.. just so i atleast have something to say to these people

  12. hey my bad i wasnt trying to get on your case about this thread..i just thought you were scared so i just wanted to make you not scared my bad bro :)

    were all friends here on GC and my response was kinda rude

    keep smoking trees broski :D
  13. Im not sure this is true But I believe it was said that when you chew gum it opens up your gum canals and the smoke goes in which leads to that
  14. ewww sounds gross
  15. yeah, spit that shit out. hah
  16. #16 Thurmond_420, Feb 11, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 11, 2009
    Weed doesnt cause ANY kind of cancer.
  17. Just a quick guess, but if you smoke with gum in your mouth some of the toxins could potentially get in the gum, which you chew around for hours so the toxins have more exposure to your mouth?

    Complete guess, never heard of this myth. This was just the most logical answer I could think of
  18. I chew gum AFTER I smoke. Makes my mouth less dry after the smoke and it helps with munchies. So I guess I'm not in for the tongue cancer thing, even though that's probably extremely untrue.
  19. Yes Weed doesnt
    But any kind of smoke seaping into your gum canal can
  20. weed now makes it easier to get testicular cancer (off the topic) :mad::(

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