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Smoking with friends vs Smoking alone

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SweetDeaddy, Nov 9, 2014.

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    I usually prefer smoking with friends because when I'm out with them, I actually do some fun and crazy shit.
    I usually tend to not smoke alone as there's not a lot to do when you're high by yourself.
    and when I smoke weed, I want it to last, I don't like wasting a good high.
    What about you guys.
    Do you guys have some pros and cons about the two, I would love to hear them.

  2. I feel the same but sometimes smoking with friends gives me anxiety and I just like getting high alone and watching a movie with food. 
  3. I tend to smoke all the time. With or without friends. :)
  4. Dude wtf?
  5. with friends all the time
  6. It's subjective, and all you're going to get are varying opinions on this issue. Personally, I enjoy smoking alone, or with people I'm close with (brother), in a place I'm comfortable in (my house). But I like time to my self, and occasional bouts of isolation; I'm introverted as hell.
    I've certainly met others who felt more comfortable blazing when surrounded by people, and feel ackward, and uneasy, when smoking alone.
  7. I like smoking with friends, but being high alone

    R.i.p The Jive
  8. With friends I am silly. I like to play music I want to dance to or chill to OR I play funny videos.

    By myself, I'm more likely to look up the "weed" or "legalize it" tags on Instagram or Tumblr. I'm also more apt to read something spiritual or nerdy.
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    it depends how well i know the friends and type of weed it is. smoking alone i just put on an entertaining movie and grab some munchies or take a walk through nature
  10. I like to smoke regardless and will always take the joint, but I prefer to smoke alone if I want to really enjoy the experience to it's fullest as I can smoke at my own pace and just zone out, I am too alert in group settings and it always feels rushed when smoking with others. Like I said though I will smoke regardless of setting^^
  11. I smoke alone.  Ya with nobody else.  You know when I smoke alone, I prefer to be by myself...   :metal:
  12. me and my old pal steamroller and his buddy northern lights we smoke alone, yeahhh with nobody else.. 
  13. smoking alone is my favorite. i can do whatever i want.
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    Could not have said it better myself. 
    If I'm pickin up at night like I usually do I bring a beer or two, hang out at his place for a bit, drink a few beers then once I'm about to leave I'll smoke him up with a bowl. Take a few fat bong rips, little high by the time I leave.. Then once I hit the highway I smoke a cig and drive blazed all the way home, just cruisin the highway by myself listening to music... But even then I only do that every so often.
    I like smoking alone because I like to drink when I smoke and drinking and driving = huge no!
    I'm at the point in my life where most of my smoker friends have either moved or stopped smoking and I work in a corporate place so none of my coworkers smoke. 
    I don't really have the luxury of smoking with friends even if I wanted to because I try to only be high at my house. Less legal ramifications. I try to never drive drunk or drive high (<- I keep even that to a min.).
    I can't risk getting caught smoking and doing stupid things with friends so I smoke by myself, stay out of trouble, and advance in my career...
  15. I like smoking alone, do what you want, don't have to follow any dumb ass sharing or rotation rules people make up. Then again I don't really have friends so.............
  16. I'm a lone Fox, I like to smoke alone. in shades.
  17. I like smoking alone or with people I know.
  18. I like smoking alone unless i'm with chill people.
    usually, i either like to sit outside in night looking at dark sky and stars
    some other times I like to listen to music and lay on couch
    or I watch a movie, or just wanna clean haha(usually in day)
    when im with friends Its nice unless they expect to tell stories because I can't keep up
  19. I can do either. Mostly, im just smoking with my best friend or with people i know fairly well (and sometimes their friends). but sometimes you just need that time to yourself when you can just smoke some bud and do whatever you want to do that you cant/dont want to do with friends or in public. i like smoking alone sometimes because there are somethings i enjoy (movies, music, etc) that the people im usually around do not, and im not one to be okay with clashing vibes or ruining someones high because im subjecting them to something that they dont want to be subjected to, ya feel? neither is really better than the other, and it really just boils down to personal preference.
  20. I can do either. But I think when I am in a group of bunch of people I feel rushed when I am smoking, if am chilling with some people i'd rather chill wit a female atleast she'll be too busy telling me what she has done all day and not annoy me every time  about passing the blunt, like my homeboys do.

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