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smoking with eye infection

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by a7Xtasy 769, Jan 23, 2009.

  1. so i found out i got an eye infection, which is causing me to see wierd and have bad balance. do you think mary jane will make it worse? im worried that the increased blood flow to the eyes will make me feel worse, but ive also heard that mj helps eye problems?
  2. This is just my opinion --

    I wouldn't risk it. I don't think smoking would make your infection worse in the long run. But if you smoke with "healthy" eyes and they become really red or dry, it cannot help an infected eye. If this infection is causing your eye to be swollen, I don't think more blood flow would be helpful to you.

    But who knows -- maybe you'd be surprised. Good luck!
  3. I really don't think you should take a risk with an eye infection. Besides I would advice you to stop smoking all together.
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    i just got over a pretty bad eye infection, due to allergys and shit, i would recommend not smoking, i made the mistake, and it's pretty painful, and annoying as fuck, the itching is non-stop, and no eye drops would help me
  5. How did you find out? If a doctor told you, then ask him/her. I don't see how smoking mj has any correlation with regard to an infection. I'd think you would have antibiotic drops, no?
    Just ask your doctor.
    Your information seems off because it's inner ear infections that cause balance problems not the eyes.

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