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Smoking with ear infection

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by cfr0st, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Smoking with a inner/middle ear infection? Anyone know if it's a bad idea? I already feel out of it, sort of like a fucked up very weak high. You think smoking will make me feel worse? Had this ear infection around 2 weeks now and getting anxious to smoke again =/ (im not a everyday smoker, more of a "party" smoker... looking to get more into it on the daily)
  2. weed has nothing to do with your ears.. if anything it will help relieve the pain
  3. Yes im aware, I don't feel much pain in my ears but I have a really shitty "out of it" feeling and am decently disoriented... almost all day. Wondering if it might worsen the feeling
  4. id say go for it.
    unless u got the ear poppin ear infections then hold off on it
  5. I'm in the same boat as you. I'm pretty sure I have a inner/middle ear infection too. About 2 weeks ago around the time the infection started I smoked a lot (not realizing yet that I had an ear infection) and had a bad experience. For a few hours I was really disoriented, had sensitivity to noise, and had a weird feeling kind of like the room was collapsing. I smoked again today, but not nearly as much, and didn't have any negative reactions. So my suggestion would be take it slow to see if anything bad happens. Let me know how it goes.
  6. I can't smoke with an ear infection. Well, I can, but it is very unpleasant. I smoke every day, but when my head feels really congested (like with an ear infection) smoking makes it feel worse. It's not a pleasant feeling; feels like someone is squeezing my head.

    Any other times I was sick with any other kind of illness, I could smoke. Just not with an ear infection.
  7. Just smoke.

    Then youll feel REALLY tired. and youll lay down and pass out for a few hours.
    Its the best you can do. Sleep.

    Also get your ear on a heating pad. You need to heat up the ear to help drain the fluids.

    Its what I used to have to do when i got ear infections.

    JUst smoke. lay down with your ear on a heating pad and youll pass out. When you wake up you should feel alot better.
  8. "That's a negative, Ghost Rider..."

    Do not do this. Heating pads should never be used when sleeping. Not only a fire hazard, but you can severely burn yourself.

    Heating pad will definitely help if you put it on your ear....but do not sleep with it.
  9. Guess I was living on the edge with how many times I've spelt with a heating pad on. Haha.
  10. What I suggest.
    Get some dank weed. (find the finest you can will reduce amount you have to smoke) Get a bubbler or bong to make smoke as pure as it can be. Go to your bathroom turn on the shower as hot as you can to create steam. Once you have steam smoke until high. Next, take a bath and lay for about 10 mins. Stand up slowly open the window and take a shower. Wash your self in the shower not the bath.Get a tub of very hot water, a facecloth, and go to your bed. Sleep or relax watching TV or something with the hot cloth on face or ear side of face so it does not hurt. Try to get as much water off the face cloth before you put it on your face.
  11. Unfortunately it happened to a family member. She had severe leg pains as a kid. She left the heating pad on her leg overnight one time, and woke up with severe burns on her legs, which left scars for life. It happens more frequently than you think. You are trusting a $.50 piece in the heating pad to regulate everything...$.50 pieces go bad.

    I use heating pads all the time. I just needed to interject when someone suggested using while sleeping.
  12. I had a bad ear infection for months and did not stop. The only problems I faced relating to disorientation were twice I took a hit and cough to hard which made to much air in my ear I guess... I'm not really sure. But anyway, it made everything fuzzy and my balance was completely gone. So that might not be the case with you but just be careful.
  13. Best advice is above with bubbler, steam, heat. Ibuprofen, ear in pain up while you lay on side to drain it. Cbd edibles did nothing. Gorilla glue resin took pain down a few notches
  14. Pee in a cup and pour it in your ear

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