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Smoking with contact lenses...

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by GreenFire420, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. ive been smoking for quite a few years now and i always have the same problem with my eyes, they get red as hell and my contacts dry out...i stay well hydrated, so i am assuming its my contacts irritating my eyes. clear eyes normally helps after using it like3 times. what do you do for it? rhoto isnt bad but fucks with contacts.
  2. get a sweet pair of glasses
  3. Go to pharmacy get a eye drop for contacts. They usually help me with dry contacts.
  4. yea the contact drops dont work for redness though
  5. Its so annoying, the blur and irritation.

    Re-wetting drops are what you need, I use these:

    I had to experiment with several brands, a few make my eyes feel better for a while but worse after a few minutes. These seemed to work the best.
  6. i've had contacts for the past 5 years and never owned a pair of glasses. I eventually found visine for contacts and I could swear it helped with redness. However, I just got some glasses and now I never want to blaze with contacts again!
  7. So i've found i have similar problems but the trade off for wearing my contacts versus not is too great. Whenever I smoke without my contacts in the smoke burns my eyes, the contacts act like a shield for my eyes. I went camping this past weekend and lost my contacts so i had to wear my glasses. Not only did cig and joint smoke get into my eyes, campfire smoke did as well. what a bummer.
  8. i am getting some contancts soon, so i am going to have to buy some two in one- redness reliever and wetting agent. anyone know a good brand? i saw visine, but usually visine doesnt work too well
  9. I use this stuff and it works great. Keeps my eyes from getting dry and gets the white out instantly.

  10. i smoke every day with my contacts w/o problem... thats wierd.. what contacts do you use??? acuvue2 herre....
  11. If I were to smoke all day my contacts get really sticky towards nighttime.
  12. I've never been able to wear contacts and smoke. It's WAY too irritating. But, then again, I can barely tolerate contacts when I'm not smoking. Sadly, I have to stick to glasses.
  13. i use acuvue oasys, and they are great. its just bothersome after smokin`
  14. I bought Visine for contacts for those kind of problems
  15. My eyes usually don't go very red, unless I'm incredibly high, with my contacts in. It's when they are out they go redder than blood. It's like the contacts shield them from going completely red, weird.
  16. my friend just takes his contacts out if they get too itchy....
  17. i dunno ive had contacts my entire stoner career and they have never really bothered me that much.

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