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Smoking with CHS (cannabinoid hypermesis syndrome)

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by Type1cory, Jan 16, 2017.

  1. I'm not saying that I think CHS is fake.
    I completely believe that you guys are suffering from some kind of reaction from smoking bud.
    But here's the thing, this was completely non existent until very recently.
    After thousands of years of use this has popped up.
    And it wasn't a thing until growers started using more and more chemicals to improve the look, smell, weight etc...
    Phospho-load has been connected to birth defects and genetic damage.
    Eagle 20 creates cyanide compounds when combusted.
    Neonicotineoids (derived from tobacco) become systemic and are some of the most deadly poisons known to man.
    Even neem oil and it's derivatives, which are supposed to be organic and safe are suspect now.
    Same with pyrethrim which comes from chrysanthemums. Also supposed to be organic and safe.
    Just something to think about. All are used in growing pot. None have been tested to be safe after combustion.
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  2. CHS is a real thing. Most likely what is happening here is you are reacting to the chemicals used to grow the cannabis. Like others have stated, people have been smoking cannabis for a very very long time and yet this 'disease' just showed up just now? Give me a break! Stop spraying your plants with chemicals, stop feeding chemicals, and you might not have your reaction. You think the dispensary buds are safe? Nope! The growers all use chemicals there is just no information about possible side effects... until now.. Hello CHS.

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  3. chemicals on plants could definitely be a possibility but ive read some peoples stories that have grown their own plants and have still experienced CHS
  4. have you tried smoking again? if you do let us know how it goes
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  5. I like being high...

    Same as anything that has downsides. Drinking causes hangovers, everyone still drinks. Eating poorly makes you fat, people eat awful everyday. Smoking cigarettes gives you cancer, people still smoke. Being in the sun can give you skin cancer, so am I not supposed to go to the beach?

    I feel the symptoms and stop right away and I have no problems other than a stomach ache for a day. Worth it to me... just my opinion.
  6. You don‘t have to believe it‘s true. The People who are struggeling with CHS know it‘s definitely real and awful!
    This blog Here, should help CHS victims to discuss their Problems, Maybe find a good solution how much to smoke. Real cannabis Users will understand That it‘s not easy to read other peoples comments like „Then stop smoking Cannabis“. That makes me angry! Of course we could just stop using it, but if there is any possible way to smoke it (Even if it is just 1 Time a year, what we Can‘t know because there aren‘t enough information about CHS. But thats why people are writing this Blog to find out if anyone made the same or different experience, if someone can answer the million questions we got!! and it‘s just disrespectful to ruin these serious questions with answers like „it‘s Not real“ or even making jokes about it! So if this is your opinion, Right, But PLEASE don‘t discuss this here, were people are trying to solve a SERIOUS Problem. Thank you.
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  7. I have autism and get made fun on a daily basis most my life don't sit here tell I don't know what being a social outcast is like. Its disrespectful to claim I'm stupid wrong because I have a difference of opinion. The people who most disrespectful here are the people with it you ask some simple questions and they start shit with it and get all defensive like you are doing right now. The reason I don't believe its real is because the people with just want to argue and name call you. You all have no real peer reviewed data as to its existence and every time I ask for some you get pissed off and get your panties in a twist. Here's a tip: you want others to help you be kind to the ones who are critical like me. If your rude to us we'll just make things worse. As we have said it could be real but we don't draw conclusions based on isolated cases with no scientific research like everyone is doing here. Also don't even with that whole serious problem thing its not if it was it would affect at least 25% of stoners. Its an isolated issue with some. Also you don't die you just puke a lot that's just annoying to the viticim not deadly. I feel sorry for these people but, I feel sorry for lots of people I'd rather feed an african kid than help someone who can't stop smoking buds and puking in the 1st world. Charities are way important than this shit. How about cancer research? Spare of your foolishness I couldn't care less or give a flying fuck. In fact if it stays sunny I'm gonna give out food to the homeless you know a real problem.
  8. :lmafoe:
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  9. yes as a matter of fact, i smoked a little more than 1 week after the day my suymptons went away (around 10 days) and ive been smoking everyday ever skince with no problems, just gott remember to purge every once in awhile, its also great for my tolerance.
  10. yeah thats what ive been doing ever since I had it the first time. You’ll get to the point where you wake up with stomach aches and thats when you know you need to take a little T-break. If you do it when you first feel the symptoms the t-break doesn’t need to be too long but if youre dumb like me and keep smoking for a couple days then you have to take a longer T-break and your stomach just hurts everyday.

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