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Smoking with carbon filters

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dev1, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Was thinking of this.... if you had a smoking room and there was a carbon filter extractor fan. Like one used in grow room.
    Extraction to outside.
    Would the house/room smell?

    Or it still better to be discreet and go for late night bedtime joint, walks!

    Just would be interesting to know if this setup works.

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  2. who knows... but I do know there are these things called smoke buddys that are portable and have carbon filters in them... Doesn't omit any smoke and supposedly reduces smell quite a bit. Can get them on amazon.
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  3. In a way, I am kind of doing this now. I don't vent my tents outside. I send it through a wall to a different room, which pulls in air from the living space, where me and my wife create plenty of extra co2. Anyways, the point is, when we smoke, the smoke (and smell) slowly get pulled through the garden (and the filter) and the smell gets removed. It's not terribly quick, but after 45 minutes or so you don't smell it anymore.
  4. Smoke buddy works extremely well
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  5. Smoke buddies are great, but you can simply make a carbon filter from some pvc and carbon you buy at an aquarium or pet store. They work better than smoke buddies but take a little extra time and effort.
  6. That's one of the legit uses for those filters. They use them in cigar rooms, man caves, etc. when it's not practical to just blow heat and air conditioning out of your building.

    If you want to get fancy hook it up to a wall switch.
  7. If you blow directly into it sure. Like others said stuff like the smoke buddy and sploofy work like that. Or any carbon filter device you make yourself (which is way cheaper because you can buy tons of activated carbon for cheap and then just put it in a bottle which is basally free)

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