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smoking with bitchs

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by msoker, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. alright so last weekend i smoked with this hot piece of ass. and like anyother dude, i thought i was ganna get some. but i guess to this girl her feet were more important than me. i was fuking pissed.

    anyone else got any good stories about smoking with chicks?
  2. Girls=Bitches
  3. That story sounds nothing remotely like a good story...I challenge your observation, your move, sir.:cool:
  4. Lol got used for weed she out played you G'day sir
  5. I make my girlfriend make me a sammich, then blow me while I spark up a joint and eat said sammich. :cool:
  6. haha she was trying to tell you something... Foot Fetish
  7. This fuckin' guy knows where it's at.:cool:
  8. it was a summary of the whole shitty ass day. i didnt want to bore ith details. your move sir.

  9. The reason you didn't get any is because you consider her a hot piece of ass. Possibly try treating her like a women and you may get somewhere next time.
  10. her feet were more important than you....?

    interesting way to put it
  11. Her feet were more important? Like, was she staring at her feet and she was saying things like, "Aren't toenails weird? They're like helmets for your little feet fingers, lolzers,". Also, assuming you're going to get some doesn't mean you will get some. That's like thinking, "Man, when I go to this party tonight I'm going to hang out with Chris!" But Chris didn't know there was a party, because you didn't tell him, you just assumed he'd know and be there. That's my wisdom.

    As for any awesome stories, I have none.
  12. #12 claytonb11, Mar 12, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 12, 2012
    Ya pretty shouldnt have expected to get some from some hot chick if you werent going to make a move lmao. Ive blazed with many chicks before, and when you wanna get go get it!!
  13. I smoked with one of my good friends who happens to be a girl, and it's so much fun to get high with her :smoke: :D
  14. maybe if you stopped thinking of girls as bitches they might like you a bit more...just a thought, give it a try
  15. Smoke with some DTF Hot biddies, you'll feel better.
  16. I smoked these 2 girls out from my school and they made me lunch for it. We
    Ended up just chillin
  17. I would really love to smoke with some ladies, no expectations at all. Just want to chill.

    Be a nice change of pace.
  18. What is this 'first move' we all speak of, just curious. Be it you grab her tit, or do you ask: wanna bang? :smoke:
  19. [quote name='"sk8njam"']maybe if you stopped thinking of girls as bitches they might like you a bit more...just a thought, give it a try[/quote]

    Lol this.
    I treat my girlfriend very well and she returns that same kindness...if you know what I mean ;)

    I usually smoke with one of my really good friends on the weekend who happens to be a girl haha. Yesterday was amazing though I smoked with her under a bridge :smoke: then we hung out for awhile and talked. :D I also tried to teach myself how to roll since I'm so fond of glass that I might not have another way to smoke if something happens to my babies haha.
  20. Rules of GC:

    1) if someone posts about how they hung out with a girl, it is either:
    -a) because they are a total loser and it doesn't happen often
    -b) a made up story for attention.

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