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Smoking with aluminum foil bowls/screens: yay or ney?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dontholdback, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. So im just wondering, obviously we're all familiar with the controversy surrounding smoking with foil. Personally, I've done it a handful of times recently just out of necessity, but when i first began smoking, neither me nor anyone i smoked with ever heard that using foil could be bad for you, so we used to use it quite often. So my question/disscusion topic for you is, is it really bad? I've heard about some studies that say it may have ties to alzhiemers diseiase, but how can you really be sure? Do you use it?
  2. i think tin is worse than aluminum. either way, roll a joint or buy a piece, dont fuck with shit thats not made for smoking out of
  3. i think its bad after you have used the aluminum a lot of times that the actual aluminum is burning instead of the bud
  4. only when necessary. i'll make and apple or carrot pipe before i smoke out of a can if i'm home. but i used to go to military school and whenever we didn't have anything else, thats what we used, soda cans. i've used foil before to put inside my bowl as a screen when i smoke kif because i don't have a screen for it at the moment. other than that...nay!:smoking:
  5. yeah, the only time i use aluminum foil is for g-bongs, and ill one use a square until the bud is gone, then its time for a new square. i hear that "smoking" foil can hurt you, but u can cook in it, why wouldn't you be able to smoke with it?
  6. cause you cook at lower temperatures than the light weed burns at
  7. just get a screen from your sink in the the part water comes out it works so good. and just make a bong and use a socket as the bowl that way your not getting all the bad crap in your smoke :D
  8. i was smoking with foil for bout a year once and i noticed i was having memory issues. so i went out got a nice piece and im happy now :smoking:

    ney, stay away form the shit
  9. lol touche, monsieur pussycat!
    i usually defend aluminum foil, but tried to look smart here. didnt work out, as usual

    i think the whole "dont use tin foil" thing is just for TIN foil. not aluminum (one side of which, by the way, reflects heat). so tin vs aluminum, go with aluminum
  10. Well, in the past, I have compared a screen with aluminum foil and there is no real taste difference. But yah I can't really blame anyone using it for last resort, but I will ALWAYS recommend to use a smoke screen.

    It was mentioned above you can get them out of your sinks, this is true but with a handful of sinks some of them are plastic, so be sure to tell wether or not yours is plastic or not or if you start to feel like your suffocating next time you smoke...You know it's the plastic.

    Lighters get hot enough to cause some of the aluminum foil to vaporize. Inevitably, if you are using an aluminum foil pipe you will be inhaling bits of aluminum. It's just not good for you. There is no substantial evidence that it makes a person develop Alzheimer's, however.
  12. I always keep two packs of pipe screens around for those occasions when you don't have anything else. Grass city sends them for free when you buy a metal pipe.
  13. i smoke rocks.

    So i dont really care.

    But i cant smoke from cans, ill puke.
  14. #15 SpiceMadeOfLife, Aug 31, 2012
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    I just came up with a pretty good solution.

    just take about half of a rolling paper and fold it to your liking and stick it down there. It'll burn off with the rest of the weed.

    sure its more stuff to smoke but you smoke it anyway and more in a joint and also its getting water filtered.

    its beautiful really if all you wanna do is smoke the weed all the way.

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