Smoking with a sploof for the first time in years

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  1. Its odd though, I found it postworthy because I'm smoking with a sploof (dryer sheets in a tp tube) to avoid my parents sleeping in the other room.

    The odd part

    Its my house :/

    My parents are super religious and were recently displaced from their home. So they are staying with me for a while. I have spoke with them about MJ before, but they won't open their minds to it. Because of this I find it easier to hide rather than be up front with them.

    Its just interesting how the tables have turned. Here I was years ago, a young kid, sleeping in their house, keeping my weed smoking from them. And now here we are, all grown up with a family of my own, with them sleeping in my house, keeping my weed from them.

    I just felt like sharing :)
  2. That is YOUR house. Show them the facts. If they still deny, too damn bad for them.
  3. Dude, I would blaze openly in your own home. I understand wanting to spare everyone the odour, the red eyes, the giggles...

    But your parents... well, as you said, the tables have turned. What are they going to do? Call the police on you?
  4. Well my smoking stays semi hidden normally because I don't want it around my son. They have just formed a nice little picture of reality in their minds and I don't feel like being the one to screw it up. Especially after losing their home this last week, last thing they need is the stress of discovering their son "does drugs".
  5. i think sploofs are stupid as hell.
    maybe because my mom can literally smell through that shit

    but honestly, i go outside. it's not hard, and it removes a lot of possibility for problems. so why not just go outside?
  6. I actually started outside LOL. It just sketches me out. I live in a pretty dense residential area.
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    No its THIER house because THEY pay the bills. And he should respect their rules
  8. way to not even read the OP
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    fuck the system
  10. wtf were these last few posts haha?

    but anyways OP yeah thats kinda shitty but i can see where you're coming from. I would probably do the same thing honestly
  11. That's radical dude. Shows that you actually care about them. I respect that, man. Everyone has their own views of things.
  12. your next post is post #420!

    Right on, I probably would hide it too, it's not like its for ever (hopefully right lol) and it would probably be awkward, how old are you and your kid?
  13. I will be in your position in a couple of years im sure :)
  14. I actually think its pretty awesome that you respect them enough to still keep it from them even though there is no reason to. They won't be there permanently and you said you would prefer to hide it than be upfront.

    That's just my opinion. If you really feel the need to tell them about it, then just be straight forward with them.
  15. the key is to just take small slow tokes on that shit when being discrete

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