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Smoking with a sinus infection..Bad Idea?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by TheGreenGod, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Is it a safe idea to smoke the ganja with a sinus infection? Im on 3 amoxicillin a day and a little nose spray. Do you think Ill be okay smoking a couple joints a day?
  2. It isn't going to kill you.
  3. I always find relief from smoking with a sinus infection/bad cold. It makes your head feel clearer and takes away the general aches and pains from coughing 24/7, it also doesn't make me cough hardly at all either.

  4. It's a bad idea to smoke with other people with a sinus infection, cuz if I found out about shit like that I'd rip them bitches out.
  5. I've got a cold right now, but I have still been smoking pot and cigarettes. Hurts my throat but I don't really think it's made it worse. Being sick sucks...

  6. I wont be smoking with other people lol. Just me and a joint..just wondering if its gonna fuck up the antibiotics.
  7. i have smoked though upper respiratory infections,sinus infections,flues,colds.and i would say it helped me,it takes longer for me to get back 100% but i never feel like complete shit like some people do when they get sick.

    in other words its easier to get through the sickness with weed.

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