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Discussion in 'General' started by tokabowl, May 17, 2010.

  1. iim really blazed and just deleted a relaly long post i had.ill shorten it up this time...
    Im smoking with a girl ive never really hung with next tuesday.
    Im looking for a hookup, are girls still interested in this after smoking alone with a guy?
    If my house isnt available is it ok to take her to this hill that ive smoked at aton?

    Basically would she be down to smoke with me at a hill, then hookup, then go home? any advice? never smoked with jsut a girl before with a hookup as my goal.
  2. only if you do the naked spaceman
  3. does hook up mean fuck?

    No you will not be fucking her after a blunt on a hill...hopefully
  4. hahahah, man, sounds kinda desperate, I wouldn't expect it the first time, but maybe kiss her or something, or mad flirt with her, but any girl you get one on one with, if she "hooks you up" the first time, think about it, how many other guys does she "hook up" the first time?
  5. lol ur askng a bunch of people who dont kno you or the girl if she would get with u? how would any of us possibly be able to give u an answer.

    jk. yea she'll do it for sure
  6. yesterday was my first time smoking with a girl. it ended with some amazing sex. you just gotta play your cards right man. make her feel comfortable by conversing and joking and before you know youl be gettin some dome.

    but remeber this is weed not alcohol so dont think you can just take advantage of her. GAME her up. dont do it public either unless its just some head.
  7. Go whack off and save this girl from feeling like you think she's a slut.
  8. smoke in your ride , take a variety of music, let the good times roll!;)

    weed is weed man i dont bang bitches unless i cheif a blunt first and after
    feel me G ?
  10. *Can't smoke at my house, lets go to this dark creepy hill*
    *Smoke blunt in awkward silence on top of dark creepy hill*
    *Finish blunt*
    *Soooooooo....wanna do it?*
  11. i usually end up fucking after smoking chicks up, but it also depends on your enviroment, it's easiest at a party, or at home...don't go and smoke on top of a hill and expect anything
  12. so u all say the hills a bad idea?? Obviously my house would be better, but its not open. And i feel like this hill would be much better than crusing in a car. at least this way we can chill out together and like lay and shit its a nice hill
    1. Wrong fucking forum
    2. This thread is so fucking juvenile
    3. Fuck
  13. I doubt your getting sex on a hill (If you do, we want details)

    Just go by how she's responding to your flirting. if shes feeling it, go for a kiss or something. but hill pussy? thats kinda out-there
  14. I doubt its gonna happen.

    If it's your first time smoking with a girl alone, you are probably gonna be awkward, especially if you want to hook up.
    If you are awkward, she will be awkward.
    I'd say dont make any moves unless everything is going well.
  15. do you really have to hookup with her if you smoke with her? i mean would she want to hookup with you? most girls arent so easy... play it cool be yourself and don't be a jerk then again if she's the type that likes jerks then well have fun
  16. if your goal is to hook up with her, as long as both of you are interested, you have at least *some* game, and look better than Sloth from The Goonies, you should have a pretty good chance provided both of you are interested in each other
  17. lol sex on a hill, best place to get laid ever :rolleyes:

  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^


    This thread has made me appreciate being single even more.
  19. Fuck all the bullshit. Get your Rick James face on..and a 50cent condom. "Times up, Lets do this"

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