Smoking with a gas mask

Discussion in 'General' started by litta_j, Jun 11, 2006.

  1. Today i went to a buddys house and smoked a blunt out of gas mask it was pretty fun

  2. i thought the gas mask is so so. i smoked out of it once, dont think ill do it again...
  3. I couldn't do it... gas masks make me uncomfortable just looking at them.
  4. My friend had a gasmask with a bubble attached to it with a bowl going into the bubble. It was fun, but w/e, its not like its that useful, i'd rather just hit a pipe. This guy hit it while driving 30mph, and lighting the bowl himself, keep in mind you go blind b/c of the smoke for a couple seconds. I think he's crazy.
  5. fuck that....thats some stupid ass shit.
  6. spare my eyes.

  7. Yeah he's a cool guy but I hate how he drives.
  8. driving with a gas mask on and a lighter? lol thats asking to get busted.

  9. Me too, but I'd have to at least put it on.....I couldnt resist going...
    " luke...I am your father" :p but thats just me :D
  10. My ex-dealer had a gas mask bong.

    Got me so fucking blazzed. It's like hot boxing your face. After a while, you get really used to it.

    My best friend almost died. He was coughing like a motherfucker. Lol.
  11. my friend bought like a $90 gas mask with a glass tube/bowl and what...we each hit it once and never again. that shit freaked me out too no end. you cough your ass out and go to breathe and all you can get is more smoke, i dunno just a little much for me
  12. a buddy of mine hooked up a hookah hose to a gask mask, it was like a torture chamber. u inhail, and it makes u cough, then u in hale againand it makes yu cough, its a vicious cirlcle, but you will get up to the ppoint where u feel retarded.

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