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smoking with a gas mask

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by the italian job, May 22, 2010.

  1. hello. I have been a long time lurker (as well as an accomplished poster) but I recently forgot my log in information.

    anyway, I was wondering what experience you blades have had with gas masks. be it steamrollers, pipes, or bongs attached, how was it? how did it hit? was it uncomfortable? would you recommend it? I ask because I just recently recieved one. it has a pipe built into it.
  2. I've used one once and didnt like it at all. Found it very uncomfortable and if you open your eyes the smoke burns the hell out of them. It might be cool to use every once in a while but you definately won't want to be using it alot.
  3. I think it is somthing that everyone should try. I opened my eyes just to fuck them up. But it will also get you stoned.
  4. it was cool. kinda a novelty type of thing. bongs much better though, it filters the smoke. especially better if you will be havin all that hot smoke all up in your faces and eyes opening up your pores to have mad nasty impurities going all up and cloggin your pores and fucking your eyes. imagine resin in your skin and eyes and shit. however with bong you wont have that much of a problem with that.
  5. Hey man I own a gas mask and it is pretty cool. Mine hooks to a bong with a hose or i can just attach the bong straight to the gas mask. It's definitely not comfortable at all and is kind of a pain in the ass to use, but I still break it out every now and then. The smoke kind of burns your eyes at first but it isn't that bad.

    Id only spend money on it if you are looking for something different and already have a good bong/pipe
  6. i would not recommend any pipe for a gas mask. imagine a film of tar on your eyes and all over your face. imagine all the acne.

    a good bong eliminates this issue.
  7. I agree with pretty much everyone here, it indeed gets you really messed up but it is uncomfortable as hell. Plus, if you have fears of suffocation, it might not be for you. I've witness someone freak out cause it felt like he couldn't breathe when he tried the gas mask.

    And I've only done it once but it definitely fun :smoking:
  8. gas mask is pretty fun the first time. but not on a regular. the first time i tried it was my last. and yea, my eyes were killing me for a while.
    its fun with friends though

  9. As long as you can handle shit.
    The gas mask is awsome huge rips!
    Dont cough/throw uo in the mask! Big no no! (But im sure thats apparant);)
  10. I had the chance to try one but didn't for this reason.
  11. got to smoke out of it a few times since i started the thread. The hits are hardly noticeable and I don't even feel like I'm smoking, but when I take the mask off I'm suddenly really baked. I would reccommend this to anyone who hasn't tried it.
  12. People say they are amazing where i live, guess its just personal preference ive never used one.

    They have them for cheap at my headshop, idk what kinds, good deal on that though op haha.

  13. How do you feel like your not even smoking?:eek:
    Are you filling it up rite??
    It should be completley filled with smoke till the point to were you can't see anything, but white beautiful smoke!:D
  14. well yeah. there's tons of smoke, but It is the most smooth hit I've ever had in my entire life. I mean holy fuck cock If i was blind I wouldn't even know I was smoking..

  15. Ok OP even if you were bling, it does'nt impair your ability to know if your smoking weed or not.:rolleyes:
    FYI i was asking a question totally not trying to be a dick im actually trying to help, considering i've smoke of a gasmask multiple times.;)
    (because i own one:hello:)
  16. Oh christ, highest I have ever been. Smoked a whole bowl to my dome, it was intense.
  17. I was wondering, maybe you can wear tight-fitting swim goggles inside the gas mask, to protect your eyes? and then also, I wonder what would happen if you took a couple volcano bags and emptied them into the gas mask chamber... that would so sweet :p
  18. I have a 50$ mask. It has a plastic tube that pokes out. Ive justed it twice. Its ok with a buddy but to much work for just myself.

    bong bong bong also bong
  19. Gas masks are sick man. Just dont open your eyes.
  20. The burn isn't that bad guys. First time I wore a gasmask they put me in a room full of tear gas and made me take it off. Smoke through a bong and you will just get a nice haze in the mask, I like to wallow in it for a minute or so until it begins to clear, then take it off.

    It DOES make your face smell for a while though.

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