Smoking with a fractured skull?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lotek-Rider, May 23, 2010.

  1. Im probably not going to do it any time soon, but i figure its worth knowing. I recently fractured my skull right above my eye brow. I would really like to smoke some weed seeing as last time i smoked (3 days ago) was about 20 minutes before i fractured my skull... So this is probably a bad idea tho right?
  2. i would give a it a go. fuck if a fracture is gonna stop me from smoking my blunts
  3. if you have a concussion I probably wouldn't smoke just because you should be as normal as possible so people can make sure you aren't drifting into a coma.
  4. Well I was on the ground after it happened for like 2 minutes which i dont remember but everything else i remember pretty well. Is that technically a concussion? The er did a not so good job explaining things.
  5. a concussion is the swelling of the brain due to head injury. I think knocking yourself out would probably be considered some sort of conccussion. didn't you go to the doctor? They probably would've mentioned if you had a one.
  6. Well i actually had it on tape, and i was moving around rolling on the ground but i just dont remember doing it. But yes i went to the er.
  7. and whatd they say..?
  8. Lets see...:D

    why were you filming yourself in the first place? and i wouldnt worry too much about it, its been three days. I would probably go ahead and toke up if you have been to the doctor.
  9. well, if you fractured your skull because you were high (accident or what not)... then just be REALLY careful this time lol. no, but seriously, just smoke, or maybe eat some edibles, that is a safe bet.
  10. call the ER. tell them you were a patient there and you have a question and if you could ask a nurse a question and then straight up ask the nurse if smoking weed is going to cause any further problems with the injury. seriously, most doctors and nurses won't give you a lecture or anything if you get straight to the point.
  11. Go home and smoke as much weed as possible. No, not really. I dont remember. A bunch of mumbo jumbo. Give me 3ccs of morphine and one adreniline shot. We got a breather! Hes losing pulse, quick get the surgeon in here. Hes goign into a seizure!
  12. I also have 5mg loratabs to
  13. It depends if you had a concussion or not. I had a bad head injury when I was 15 (I was hit with a bat) but I wasn't concussed.
  14. You guys wanna see it? I edited it down tho. [ame=]Wear a fucking helmet. on Vimeo[/ame]
  15. hahahah damn... thats hardcore man!!!

    ummm.... i dont see how it could be a bad thing, BUT. i do not have an MD following my name and thats the only way to be sure. you already fucked youself up pretty badly dont push ya luck man.. call up a dr and say.. yo man.. i fractured my skull..can i still burn it??
  16. Could have been worse.
    [ame=]YouTube - skate blooper play him off, keyboard cat[/ame]
  17. haha damn son! I soooooooooo wanted to edit my video to keyboard cat but i dont know how to download the keyboard cat vid...
  18. I feel like I heard in health class back in fresh/soph year that knocking yourself out means an automatic concussion...? But then again I honestly don't think my teacher had any real facts, just stuff that sounded like it was right.

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