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smoking with a fever...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by jfzl, Feb 20, 2007.

  1. ok, so ive been smoking for a good couple of years now at least once or twice a week. well the other night i bought a bag and my friends and i smoked on it for a couple nights...well i got down to the bottom of the bag and packed that last bowl and smoked it with my buddy who rarely smokes and usually isnt affected much anyways...about 10 minutes after we got done smoking, i just started tripping like crazy...like my heart was racing, i couldnt keep a thought straight for 5 seconds in my head, i got super cold and felt like i was going to pass out...i was dizzy as hell, but couldnt throw up. i layed down and curled into a ball and began having these crazy muscle spasms like ive never had before. and at one point i was shaking so bad i thought my neck was going to break....my mind was more messed up than its ever been from anything and i was having these insane feelings all through my body, about 4 different feelings at once (usually one in each extremity)...i tripped for a good 5 or 6 hours, and had mild halucinations. i dont know what the hell went wrong...the only thing i can think is that it was because i had a bit of a fever at the time....because we smoked that bag for three days until that last little bit just destroyed me. has anyone ever had this happen? could there have been something else in the weed? im kinda paranoid about smoking now...ive smoked once since and everything was fine but i just have no clue what happened.
  2. How many bowls?
    Was it dank, mids, shwagg?

    Probably to much for ya son, at one time. Try staying clean for like 2-3 days after that happened, then smoke a little bit at a time to build up yourself again, dont worry about getting fucked up again too. Get different bud if you can.
  3. thanks guys...yeah i read that thing...it sounds like exactly how i felt...it must have just been some really good stuff...and we did smoke alot. i guess i just freaked out or something. well i appreciate the advice..peace.
  4. i wish i could get that high
  5. could be some dehydration too. i notice if i'm a little dehydrated i can get real bad tachycardia (fast heart beat). and it can lower ur blood pressure - making u cold. a fever prob made it worse.

    i've had that twice - now when i feel it coming on i just guzzle a huge glass of water right away and keep sipping another one - i'm usually fine.
  6. that sounds a LOT like what happened to my friend a while back. like almost exactly like that. he was a little sick at the time, was pale as shit, almost passed out. a lot of the things you had. dont think he tripped tho
  7. ive been smoking twice a day for about 6months and have gotten very VERY high and this has never happened. I pick of quarterpounds of dank from nyc. weed doesnt make u hallucinate
  8. a fever can.

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