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smoking with a broken blood vessel?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MttxBatman, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Well last week I caught some bad food poisoning, and I ended up breaking a blood vessel in my eye from throwing up. Im a bit hesitant to smoke because Im afraid of it getting worse. Do you guys think I could go for it or should I wait?
  2. I'm tired of these posts, weed is Gods effin drug and will not hurt you and can be used at any time
  3. Im not worried about getting hurt, I just dont want to look like Im crying tears of blood.
  4. My rule of thumb is simply "if your worried about making something bad worse, then it can wait"
    If that was to happen to me, id just smoke enough so i can get buzz without my eyes getting red. but then again, for the 2 years ive been smoking, i always had a low tolerance so i could smoke a 1 hitter and still feel really nice.
  5. I have blood vessels burst in my eyes all the time from working too long.

    You're fine.
  6. Correct me if im wrong, but since smoking weed makes the blood vessels in your eyes expand and swell up a bit, wouldnt that be bad for your eyes if the blood vessel was already "broken"?
  7. [quote name='"ShibbySchwab"']I'm tired of these posts, weed is Gods effin drug and will not hurt you and can be used at any time[/quote]

    In my opinion that sounds really stupid. Weed is not some magical thing that is perfectly safe and can be use at any time. Why would the question not be a good question if a blood vessel broke in her eye? Weed specifically affects blood vessels in the eye. It's the same as if someone had a heart problem it would be normal to ask if they should smoke weed or not since weed increases heart rate. I'm sorry I had to inform you that weed is not magic fairy dust.

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