Smoking with a BAD sore throat?

Discussion in 'General' started by bsuttoi, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. I want to get high.

    But I have an incredibly sore throat. Would smoking make it take longer for me to heal up and get better?

    The thing is, I can make some nutella/peanutbutter with weed in it and eat that instead, but it HURTS LIKE FUCKING HELL and I'd probably irritate my throat doing that too...

    What should I do?!
  2. What are you using to smoke outta? If you have a vape, use that. If you have a bong, pack that fucker with some ice and you'll be good.
  3. AH I only have a very tiny pipe.
  4. seeing as how your sick and have nothing to do , design a homemade bong and put ice in it
  5. Fuck it
    Just smoke
  6. haha I will make an attempt and show pictures of the result
  7. gargle with saltwater first then smoke.
  8. I did this yesterday, not as bad as i thought it'd be and it helped temorarily.
    I've also got some throat spray that numbs for a bit
  9. drink some cough sizzurp and take a rip, you'll feel better once the two kick in
  10. I second the ice bong idea.
  11. my lazy ass gave up and is smoking a bowl
  12. That is a win ;):D:smoke:
  13. HAHA and it's awesome because it gives me cotton mouth so i don't have to swallow my spit!

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