smoking while taking HGH (Human Growth Hormones)

Discussion in 'General' started by kinzy74, Feb 8, 2014.

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    hey everyone,im in highschool, im short, 5'2. 
    im on hgh injections to grow, i take the shot every night at the same time..
    i tried googling is it ok to smoke weed while on this and no good answers at all..
    i know it would be bad to do it everyday, but im talking about like once a week maybe twice ..
    this is the expensive hgh btw , i heard it grows everything in your body , even bad cells..
    plz help really want to smoke 

  2. Start doing keegles you might not grow taller, but oh well

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  3. marijuana doesn't interact with any enzyme, drug or hormone.
  4. i just wouldn't want to get any kind of cancer ya know?
    so i should be fine?
    new account
    bullshit scary claim implied....
    here we go again...
    yes, you will be fine. mj is safe. much safer then the injections you take daily...mof, you risk death every day with those injections...infection, bad batch of drugs from a pharm corp (it has happened), ya, that hormone shot can kill you, pot can't
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    If you gotta ask that you shouldn't be smoking. Whether you know that smoking marijuana doesn't cause cancer or the fact that if you're worried about cancer then don't smoke. Smoking doesn't go hand in hand with people who worry about cancer. 
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    how do i risk death? im taking the dosage the doctor says too...
    now you're scaring me ;/
    currently sick right now btw, got a bad cough and runny nose lol
    you should pay attention, I said, "infection" and "bad batch"...and how those are much more of a danger then pot.
    you have a huge chance of death by those shots vs any risk of "cancer" from pot (propaganda implication you spewed from out of nowhere)
  9. There was another thread titled almost the same just awhile ago with a different username....something bish.....op why not wo/man up and just talk to your doctor about it? Beats the hell out of asking a message board
  10. Ok I understand that the injections are worse than the pot , but what you're telling me I can die by taking these shots?   :hide:
  11. Why do you need to be bigger?

    Just be happy with who you are.
  12. Thats why i'm asking all of these questions.. It wasn't my decision to do this, my family wanted me to and they could pay for it.. and im happy with who i am thats why i dont want anything bad to happen, when im fine with myself..
  13. Doctors make patients not cures
  14. Haven't you heard? Smoking will stunt your growth...... :laughing:
  15. Anybody else notice that OPs post is edited by another member, tunabish? How does that work? I searched that name and it said there was no user, tunabish.....
  16. and remember im using the hgh for growing purposes , not abusing for athletic purposes , now the subject is basically  ' is hgh going to kill me ' 
  17. i changed my name...
  18. just hit the weights, can smoke the shit out of it then, risk free
  19. Lmao cball u make me laugh

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  20. a positive response..  :hello:
    i should have mentioned i'm physically active .. i work out , play basketball , wrestling , alot of running..

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