Smoking while someone sleeps?

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  1. So I live with my mom and we live in a fairly small house. Her room is down the hall. I want to smoke a bowl in the closet but I'm scared the smell will leak around the house. I can't get a fan or sploof at the moment. But do you think she'd smell it and wake up?

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  2. Why not just go outside? Don't smoke in the house behind your moms back, man.
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  3. Smoke it out the window, the smell will travel no matter what. Rather have it travel outside than inside though.
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  4. just.......smoke outside? lol
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  5. Run to your car for a bit or just go out back for a second if she is sleeping. Make sure you cover your piece up coming inside so it doesnt follow you. My wife hates when i leave a trail of smoked bud behind me coming in if i have a pipe in my hand or something.
  6. if you smoke inside she will definitely smell it..
    if she doesn't then you need better weed
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  7. Put an out-flow fan in a bathroom window and jam a towel under the door.
    Build a scent-catcher/cough muffler out of a plastic bottle with slits in the bottom and stuffed with a handkerchief full of essential oil. There are pre-fab items of this type sold in many smokeshops as well.
    Or go somewhere else to smoke.
  8. move out
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  9. Lmao well you could offer her some instead of holding out man. Jesus bruh it's your mom puff puff pass

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