Smoking while sick?

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  1. I got back from the doctor's today with strep throat and mono. Well, I guess I got those the last few weeks of college with finals stress and whatnot. I hear strep is like the stoner's achilles heel, so im trying to be careful about it; but the ganja always makes me feel better and could be a good remedy.

    basically my throats all swollen up and it doesnt feel good

    Anyone have experience with this? it definately feels better after i smoke up, but i dont want to be making it worse. Im just trying to feel better soon so i can enjoy the Summatimez:cool::smoke:

    -one of these smileys should be a guy with shades roasting a j

  2. Vape or edible it up... smoking will only inflame your throat more and probably make you feel shittier after you come down. I'm not that familiar with strep to be honest so I don't know if weed can affect anything to do with that, but I know whenever I get a sore throat I always regret smoking with it. Mono is pretty nasty... you're going to be semi tripping balls if you're high and mono'd out. Good luck
  3. Not sure if it was strep that I had, but I had a pretty bad throat infection. Glands were srsly inflamed and hurt to eat or w/e.

    I still smoked, just not as much as I usually would. Tried to have a cup of tea with honey and lemon while/after I smoked. I found it helped quite a lot.

    I also found when I smoked it would be kinda sore for a little bit and my glands would flare up but that would go soon after and from then on being high def helped!


    edit- I think only you can judge if its doing more bad than good. Try smoke a lil bit and see how it goes..
  4. thanks for the well wishes- i made some hash peanutbutta today that was pretty good. Ill try some tea with honey fo sure. Being sick sucks. seriousleh lame.

    update- i cant sleep cuz it hurts so.... making a lightbulb vap
  5. I had mono a few years back and it was the worst sore throat of my life. Felt like I was swallowing shards of glass whenever I swallowed just saliva. Needless to say I didn't think smoking would be a good idea then lol. Honestly the smoke will definitely irritate it more but if you take steps to cool the smoke down before you inhale it (bong through really cold ice water) that will be in your benefit. Also the lightbulb vape is a good idea too and theres always edibles as they mentioned. I hope you feel better! Just rest as much as you can and drink a ton of water and fluids. Hope your mono doesn't last months like mine did lol thought I was gonna die

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