Smoking While Sick

Discussion in 'General' started by Prest989, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. Its cold season and it caught me. I've got a bit of a headcold, and was curious to here about other people's experiences with smoking while sick. I've cut back the cigarettes a lot while having this cold (naturally smoking isn't going to help a cold), however, I've found that after I toke I cough less and feel better while high... surely the smoke cannot be good for my sore throat, but besides that, I enjoy smoking while sick.... anyone else agree? Disagree?
  2. Dude i'm over here helping my bro cure his cold rite now. Just had him rip his new bong a bunch of times on weed i brought over, he's totally cured!

    Go for it.
  3. I dont smoke much when I'm sick
  4. when i was 13 me and two other friends smoked so much weed one night i threw up the next morning.i was totally sick for like 3 hours than i just found some more weed ,smoked it ,and just felt better all of the sudden.

  5. hes right. its the best medicine.
  6. no no no do not smoke. i was just getting over a cold, smoked a bowl, felt good while high, but was even more sick the next day, which ended up fucking up my next few days, had a sweet 16, missed work almost got fired. fuck that shit.
  7. I've never had bad experience with it, and it always relieves the pain and discomfort for me so I say go for it.
  8. I think its gross, and have gotten sick because of people who smoked while they were sick, and didn't clean their piece. So yeah, I think its gross, roll up a J if you want to.
  9. actually, it's helped me feel better before
  10. As long as I blow my nose afterwards/while I smoke, I'm fine, and I feel much better. It also helps me sleep during the day if I'm sick, so I can get some extra rest.
  11. You might try eating it. I found it helps a lot with that gross achy feeling when you're sick.
  12. I smoke when I'm sick. I get the worst coughing fits though.
  13. smokin while sick makes mynose waaaaaaaaaaaaay more stuffier..i never smoke when im sick...i dont even get high..i get tired and a headach...fuck that shit<3

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