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smoking while sick

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by ugeman420, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. anybody know whether or not its a good idea to blaze if you have a cold or sinus problem. i know obvioulsy not if you have a fever or are throwing up, but like does it help ease the symptoms of the common cold, or make it worst?
  2. it really just depends on the person and what kinda cold you have, sometimes ill blaze while sick and it makes me feel worse othertimes ill blaze while sick and it makes me feel alot better........ If im stuffed up in the head i usually dont smoke cause it just makes me feel worse but if i got a upset stomach and cant eat cause i keep pukin then weed seems to work wonders on calmin my stomach down........... My advice just blaze a lil and see how you feel, worst case sceniro youll feel worse for only 2hours or so in which cause you could just sleep it off.
  3. If I blaze when I'm sick, it seems to kick my butt really hard. But that's not a bad thing! :D
  4. Smoking with a cough is a really bad idea(like that stops me). I'm sure if you just have a cold then it should be fine, I don't think it will help any of the colds symtoms unfortunately.
  5. when i smoke when i'm sick it doesn't even work for me.
    Not like that stops me.
  6. if you have a stuffed up nose, try blowing smoke through it. one it gets going, it might hurt a little, but your nose will be clear!;)
  7. I just did this last week. I wanted to see what it could do for me, and basically, it made my headaches go away, made me less aware of sinus pressure, improved my mood, and made me sleep easier. Although I am sure it works better for other conditions, it did help me with the pains of having a cold.
  8. the cough is of little harm and regret when compared to the sweet joy thereafter ;)
  9. It just depends on how bad I feel. I'll smoke if I have a respiratory issue but not a sinus issue.
  10. sure did help me w/ sore throat and sinus . kinda rough hit with a sore throat but i was prety fucking jolly afterwards :D
  11. I have a Respiratory infection at the moment and im still blazing 5-8 times a day... i dunno what it is but since ive gotten sick all smoke has tasted terrible(i think the mucus in my lungs). that acctually ended up being a good thing cause i quit smoking cigarettes during that period and still havn't smoked one.

    but when i first got sick i had a fever/sinus issues/cough/stomache ache. and after I smoked I pretty much felt completely better while I was high but id feel shitty again after I soberd up, but I never stay sober for too long.
  12. vape/edibles ftw
  13. I get a LOT higher when I'm sick, and cut down to like 2 bowls a day, as opposed to my usual of like a gram or two a day lol. It really gets me retarded. One in the morning one at night. Cures any cold I have.
  14. probably got the infection from the ciggies hah, I used to get bad bronchitis when I smoked cigs.

    Get a vaporizer, feels great. tastes great too
  15. ive been sick, and i mean fucked up bad, since tuesday, and everyday since then, except yesterday, ive been hittin the vape. i think it delayed my recovery. just couldnt resist though.
  16. donno why it would, just try not to cough.
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    Ive gotten 3 colds so far this season and Im on my 3rd right now thanks to a bro who didn't mention he was sick,I thought his allergys were gettin at him but then he is like "NNahhh i got a cold" 3/4 way through a blunt.


    The last cold I would smoke and Id feel 10 times worse.

    This time around I take double dose of some cough meds go out back and spark one feel much much better :hello:

    The last time I had a stomach virus I was pukin all day, sat down for a smoke way later in the night,it calmed my stomach so much and I fell right to sleep after words.It was nice to say the aleast after a whole 18 hour vomit marathon.
  18. Cannabis lollipops! or hard candies.
  19. i am sick on the side of my house smokin purp while surfin the web on my laptop and i thought it would be fun to google smoking while sick... this thread was the first result and i just wanted to share my opinion..

    i have a sinus infection where my head is all stuffed up and i am blowing my nose every 2 minutes. Smoking while in this condition all i really find different is that i cant retain as much smoke in my lungs as i usually can, i'm guessing because there is flem and mucus, etc. But on the positive side I get way higher off of less buddha.

    Smoke One
  20. I just hit the vape when I'm sick. I've gotten bronchitis a couple of times from smoking while having a common cold.

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