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Smoking while sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SmoketheFalcon, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Sup dudes, new member here

    So im coming off a small cold and im debating weither to pack a bowl or not of this kush i just purchased. Somehow i havnt tried smoking while sick yet an im wondering if it would be enjoyable or unenjoyable experiance. My throat and nose are just slightly cloged but thats about it. So anyone who has smoked while sickly could give me some feedback that would be shweet.:)
  2. I always smoke when sick, it even helps with my bad alergies.
  3. Depends. IMO, if you have a sore throat or a cough, no way. If not too much it won't hurt. Vaping it is always better though!
  4. Whenever I smoke while sick, the high tends to make my symptoms go away.
  5. I smoke everyday pretty much, the odd day off when I just dont feel like it. When I am sick though I usually smoke all day because Im bored and just want to chill. The smoke may hurt your throat a but, but not too bad and its still very enjoyable, maybe even more enjoyable if you really dont feel good. If you have a sore throat, it may prolong that a little bit, but I have smoked non stop with one and it still got better in not too long. This is coming from a very experienced smoker, Hope this helps you make your decision. :wave:
  6. Thanks for the info guys, prolly gonna go spark one up ruul soon. :D
  7. Depends, I have bronchitis and a fever with chronic migraines right now so it would be idiotic of me to smoke in my situation. I may however make myself a potent firecracker to help with the pain.
  8. idk why but i always get a "fucked up" high thats kinda scary when i smoke when im sick. i wonder if its due to my sinuses being clogged or something. Idk!
  9. Yeah if i was really really sick i wouldnt even consider it for myself but im just coming off the cold and i really only have a cough and slighty stuffy head
  10. I'm sick as fuck, been toking all day. Makes me feel better.
  11. It is almost guaranteed from anxiety or an anxiety attack while smoking. You may not think thats whats happening or deny it, but that is really the only thing that makes a marijuana high too intense, or "fucked up". The sickness probably makes you anxious and than bam.
  12. Depends on how you're feeling, sometimes it's nothing, I've smoked before while sick and it didn't bother me, another time I did and was like wow never again. So just gotta kinda gauge that yourself, I think being sick is a time where having a vaporizer would really be helpful.
  13. ^^ The vape while sick is a very good idea, if you got a vape your much better off, although you shouldbe fine anyways
  14. Smoking can be okay. Take hits slow though, don't hurt your throat. I was sick once and I felt fine while high, but then i realized i murdered my throat with the smoke. Just take it easy and you should be fiiiiiiiine.

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