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Smoking while sick with a cold?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by salt life, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. So, I have a cold right now.
    It's just starting to ease up and go away but i'm going to be smoking later tonight and I was wondering if smoking while sick will be a bad experience. I presume that it would because of all the congestion and with smoke going in your lungs so I was just curious on how it will feel Mid and Post smoke.
  2. Smoking while sick sucks balls
  3. i smoke everytime i'm sick because it makes the body pain less worse and stuff like that, you wont have a bad experience its just gonna be like you're high and sick at the time time lol
  4. smoking usually makes me feel better when i'm sick, never have i had a bad experience.
  5. Na, you will be fine. I do it all the time.
  6. If you have mucus in your throat/lungs, I would NOT be smoking anything.
  7. IMO it can shorten the duration of a cold if its not too painful to get a few rips in, should help clear any mucous too.
  8. Smoke weed, everyday
  9. i was just sick and smoked lots of dank.
    woke up with a headache from hell.
    still worth it though.
  10. Everyday/ thread
  11. instead of cold medicine, smoke the herb.
  12. I've been sick for the past week, bad respiratory infection. Good thing my organic weed is cured or I'd be hacking up a lung. I suppose vaping would be better in my circumstances, but joints are smooth and I'm not coughing at all. Bowls and bongs are out of the question though :(
  13. man i don't care what anybody else does, but smoking with a cold is a great way to catch bronchitis.
  14. Haha just toked for about half an hour, feelin pretty nice. Being sick and smoking is not that bad, but when you take a hit it's pretty harsh at flrst but the pain fades away after the first few hits.
  15. i couldnt bong for a month or so with my most recent cold. everything else was gravy though
  16. Been sick for over a week w cold/sinus infection. Anti-biotics... The works. Still smoked and I think that it does impede the healing process. Can't take any nice tokes from bong or j, so I go for small ones on the bubbler. Def don't cough as bad, but its prob a good idea to quit for a week and let da body heal.
  17. ive tried it and its not worth it, you dont feel the high the same as usual and its kind of goes to waste, if you really cant wait to get better then do it

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