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Smoking while sad

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Blazing 420, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. My gf left for the beach for 2 weeks and if I smoked would it make me happy or more sad?
  2. Stop being a pussy.
  3. It depends. Try to calm down, get in a decent mood and then smoke to sustain your good mood. Your girl wil be back, just relax, wait & puff. It's only a matter of time bro
  4. Just depends what you want to think about,
    you don't HAVE to think of all the guys she's railing.
    just kidding dude,
    woman are loyal..
  5. I really do not know. Smoke one bowl and then come back and post the results:confused_2:
  6. #6 Thekidthatshigh, Aug 13, 2011
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    Haha nice
  7. Won't know till ya try.
  8. i smoked while crying once,
    it just makes you think about the shit deeper.
  9. thats sad? fuck your life
  10. If you act like that your girlfriend might just rail some dude at the beach. Have a stoner weekend, buy a half zip and setup a bunch of your favorite stoner movies. Smoking and thinking about her will make you sad, do something with yourself man.

  11. YEAH.

    Dont sit around moping, use this at a time to go and do what you like while shes going to do what she likes. Itll be good for both of you bro.
  12. im going to the beach too ;) ill look for her
  13. well ur clearly sad sober (although you gotta do you and stop bitching), being high can only make things better from my experiences with the herb. hit the bong and im sure youll forget about these 'worries'.
  14. If I am super sad over stupid females, smoking only makes it worse for me. Doing any kind of drug makes it worse for me. When I get fucked up I like to think aboutt things really deep.
  15. Drink some alcohol XD
  16. Smoking always makes me feel better. As long as I got some good music playing and what not. 1st response hit it perfect lol.
  17. what he said ^. no matter my mood after a bowl im always in a better mood
  18. weed is not a crutch, it's just something I'm relying on to get me through life.

  19. Lol, sounds like a crutch to me:laughing:
  20. My gf left for a week, i smoked an 1/8th everyday. Didn't miss her that much.

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