Smoking while pregnant?!?

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  1. Ok, i didnt know if i should post this in the sex section but i figured it was relevant. i'm a guy and i'm not pregnant and neither is my, but we've been talking bout if she would stop smoking id she did get pregnant, and we dont think she should need to stop, because after all, it's only an herb(not a "drug"). But i wanted to know what the City thought, Is smoking while pregnant bad?:confused:
  2. Try the search function...there's so many of these threads...and most turn into all out arguments cause everybody thinks their answer is the only answer.

    Seeins you're not having a kid and are just wondering for future reference, there's really no sense in starting a new thread
  3. Read about the Dreher Study

    Latest News - Dreher's Jamaican Pregnancy Study

    Read the Dreher study itself

    Prenatal Marijuana Exposure and Neonatal Outcomes in Jamaica: An Ethnographic Study

    (I keep hoping if I post it often enough.... :))
  4. Idk man, I knew this chick who got her son taken away from her at birth bc there was thc in her system as well as the babies.

    She never got him back either.

    Probably for the best though, her and her baby daddy were my ex's drug dealers... and like... really stupid about shit.
  5. I smoked when I was pregnant with my son and sometimes it was the only thing that kept food down. Now this one is totally different. Sometimes smoking has been making me puke. :confused_2: So I have cut back heavily. I used to smoke mutiple times a day but since I got pregnant it's down to maybe 2-3 times a week. And even then I only take a few hits.

    I'm sure I had THC in my system when my son was born but I don't think they test the mother unless they have a good reason.
  6. I've come in on people shooting up during labor. The worst part-then they complain because you're going to start an IV. :confused:

  7. Yeah I didn't know much about the situation other than what I said
    And... I'm sure just their appearance gave them such a reason.

    This other chick I knew smoked to keep her morning sickness under control.
    And she got to keep her kid... she just didn't take care of her.

    Damn I didn't realize how many fucked up 'mothers' I knew till now :eek:
  8. yea i knew a girl that would go out to clubs, get drunk, smoke bud, have sex with different guys, pop pills all while she was pregnant. surprisingly her son didnt come out retarted! (not trying to be rude or funny)
  9. You should never smoke while pregnant because it will both affect you and your baby's health.Especially for traditional cigarettes,the chemicals it may produce might also affect how you feed your child as well so stop it before it's too late.
  10. Smoking anything while pregnant can be hazardous. Especially for high risk pregnancies, which they test for in most states once the mother is two months in.

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