Smoking while pregnant

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  1. Anyone here know of any women who smoked while they were pregnant? And I mean like daily, not like had a puff during her first month. If so have you noticed anything about their kid? I'm a male who in no way condones this I'm just curious.

  2. Never hope to see it. Its not a very good idea.
  3. If you're pregnant and smoke weed, even if the weed doesn't effect the baby, I already know the family will.
  4. There isn't much hard data one way or the other, as I understand it. But seriously, why would someone risk the lifetime health of their child to smoke in that measly 9 month period?
    Just not worth it IMO
  5. this
    plus if your baby comes out fucked up and they drug test you and find out you have been smoking you will be in trouble. It doesn't  mean marijuana caused it tho
  6. If you smoke weed while pregnant, your children will look like this...
  7. Your children will just turn out.....more curious
  8. i know alot of people who smoked while pregnant and their kids are fine . i wouldnt though. because if something ends up being wrong with ur kid, you will feel guilty for the rest of your life. wondering if smoking is what caused it

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  9. Being from the south I've known women that smoke ciggs all through it, or weed all through it and all their kids turned out fine, I grew up with plenty of em...

    I'm not personally for it, but I won't down someone for it when its not really my business
  10. Read a book by rosenthal, he mentioned that there were some studies done and didn't find many negative side effects like seen in other drugs even legal drugs.

    There was a mention of the children having slightly higher hand eye coordination amongst children whose mother ingested cannabis during pregnancy.

    The book is over 10 years old, so I don't know what new studies are out there.

    My dad smoked a ton, and my mom had a few hits she said while she was carrying me, normal for the late 70s.
    I have excellent hand eye coordination btw.
  11. Okay, so what about breastfeeding?
  12. If anything I say vaping a bit would be best, but im not saying much on the topic.
  13. Vaping would be better since smoking lowers blood oxygen sat levels. But can't see how helping with appetite, stress, and paint could be horrible for the development of a fetus. Stress is a pretty harmful environment.
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    Can't believe people are suggesting that it might be okay... This is the life of a child we're talking about. Doing any drugs while pregnant is just a blatant disregard for human life, and those people who knowingly do so shouldn't be having kids.
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    This is something I've wondered about too, that could be important. As someone else said, there doesn't seem to be much hard data on it. And that is really sad. One of the real tragedies of the failed war on drugs is that real, accurate information on important issues like this are hard to come by. I would say not to risk it, given the lack of info.
  16. I'm out. 
    I am so out.
  17. Here are some actual links on the subject...

    Seems to show mixed results, particularly concerning birth weight. Most show no significant discrepancy in birth weight or birth defects, at least once adjusted for the mother's demographics, medical history, and alcohol and tobacco use. One shows a difference in intellectual abilities at six years old, varying in different areas between trimesters. Another shows decreased alertness in newborns, but improvement (sometimes above baseline) months later in development. Read and draw your own conclusions.
    Known a handful of people who did, as well as others who smoked cigarettes and/or drank. Though I'm not sure how often they toked. I know my mother did all three regularly while pregnant with my siblings and me, I know I was pretty small at birth (a little over five pounds, I believe), but none of us had any major issues  :confused_2: but...that's just my little anecdote.
    I wouldn't say I condone it, but I've never been pregnant, and never will be, so I suppose my opinion is rather moot.
    THC is secreted in breast milk, as nearly all drugs are to at least some extent. And it's suggested that so much THC exposure in infancy could inhibit motor development, as well as other side effects.
    THC could also theoretically inhibit breast milk production, due to frequent use decreasing prolactin levels.
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    Muh choice!
    Never wrong!
  20. My sister smoked occasional cigarettes and weed when she was pregnant. Came out premature. Healthy now, but why risk it

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