smoking while on shrooms?

Discussion in 'General' started by ajo102688, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. so im gonna try shrooms for the first time on Thurs, how does smoking mix with it?
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    kids these days
  3. its amazing, it enhances the trip and if you blaze a bit before it gives a nice transition into the trip.. i've done them 3 times and everytime they've been the fucking shit.. such good trips.

    just make sure you keep it to only people that are tripping and you'll be great.
  4. Smoking intensifies the trip. For some, this is GREAT, for others, this can be when they start tripping bad.

    Smoking on the come-up helps ease you into it, and makes the most awkward and unstable part of the trip a little easier. It can also help with whatever nausea you may or may not feel at this point.

    Smoking when you're peaking is when things can get real intense. Personally, I love it, but there are also a lot of people that don't. You can smoke a bit on the come-up to ease you through it, but, after that I wouldn't smoke again until you see how you feel as you peak. If you think you can handle tripping harder, then give it a go.

    If you smoke on the come-down, it can put you right back at your peak. I keep doing this over and over to extend the trip as long as I can. By doing this, you can make a trip last 8 hours or so. Isn't marijuana a beautiful thing?

    Anyway, enjoy your first trip. I'll be sending good vibes your way.
  5. i did shrooms last night. i didn't smoke weed all day. I ate an 8th, and waited until i started to feel the trip coming on, then i smoked a blunt. it helped a lot. but a few hours later when i smoked a bowl i didn't notice anything from it.

    good luck, have fun.
  6. I have yet to feel anything from marijuana when on mushies or LSD :(

    alot of my friends dont either

    advantage to taking a psych is you get to lay off your bag of weed for a day and let your tolerance go away

    get stoned to the bone next time you blazze
  7. I love to smoke while trippin. It mellows me out from the trip, like makes it good but less intense.
    Have fun with the shroomies =]
  8. on shrooms it kinda dulls the trip actually for me, i'm not sure about anyone else. but on acid. WOW, weed sends me to a totally different fuckin place. like when you smoke weed on acid and then the hour goes by and you're not baked any more, there is a HUGE difference in trips. when im chopped it gets all crazy my memory is horrible, time dialition is greater, visuals are greater, and the trip is just that more intense
  9. ya weed with shrooms was fun-unnoticeable depending on the amount.

    my friend tripped the hell out though and thought the devil was telling him to kill people. but he is kinda sensitive :rolleyes: and it was this song playing where the guy whispers ha
  10. I like to smoke when I've already hit my peak and I'm starting to come down. It brings the peak back for me and intensifies the visuals somewhat. Makes my lungs kinda feel odd, though.
  11. ya when your fryin i never notice it doing much good, but its good for the come down.

    weed is the only thing i reccomend mixing after eating shrooms. No alcohol

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