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Smoking while down... Okay?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by camram, Aug 8, 2011.

  1. Today is just one of those days where people keep saying crap that cuts a little deep. I'm a little down about it. Will smoking help or make this feeling worse?

    I don't want it to be like alcohol where I forget about these down feelings and then feel worse once it wears off.
  2. Take a toke and all your worries go up in smoke
  3. Just don't think about it, smoke a lot then keep yourself occupied.
  4. If you have a friend that's close enough to talk to about shitty days, go chill with them and share a bowl or two and talk about it. If you can't chill with anyone, smoke alone and browse GC, and think about what's getting you down. Smoking doesn't really make you forget about the problems, but it makes it easier to think about and figure out. It has helped me with many problems and I am very thankful for it. :)
  5. Yeah, hard to let that stuff just bounce off. My family knows I smoke. They are very anti organic and very pro let the doctor write the Rx. Due to my decision to smoke, they call me loser and druggie. Ironic this same group of people partake in alcohol use.
  6. Mushroom couldn't have said it better. Just had one of those talks yesterday with my friend while sharing a blunt and some bowls. I find that cannabis doesn't take the problem away but helps me find a way to fix the problem. Hope it helps you when the time comes.
  7. toke a little and relax

    nothing better at the end of a long day
  8. wow that fuckin sucks dude...i feel for you. smoke up
  9. Yeah while your high you'll be happy, but keep doing that and end up losing a little bit of your mind. You have to let go of your emotions you can't smoke them away.
  10. Light that bowl and play some tunes. Lifes a bitch :smoke:
  11. Smoking always helps lift me up when I'm down, helps make me happy. But you should only use weed to improve your mood, not use it to help you deal with your problems.

    That being said, I've noticed that I'm really upset/sad I dont even want to smoke. There have been times when family members have died, when my dog died last year, where I didn't have an appetite do anything. I didn't want to smoke, didn't want to sleep, drink, eat, fuck for a couple days. And even in the back of my mind I knew smoking would help take the edge off of my pain, but I was so upset I just didn't feel like smoking

  12. Fuck 'em. I'm sure you're a wonderful person, even though I don't know you. They sound like a large group of idiots. You sound like the shining star they don't realize they have.

    While my reply may sound a little gay, I'm entirely serious. Don't ever let your family get you down. You may think to yourself, "well it's my family, I gotta accept it." You fucking don't. ESPECIALLY since it's your family, don't accept it. Honestly, to say shit like that to someone you're related to, in the person who is being called out's eyes, it's hell. It would be easier to stick a knife into your leg than to feel that pain. I know, I've been there. But dude, if your family has a problem with you, SOLELY based on that. They aren't your fucking family. They're a pack of humans who accidentally have the same genes as you.

  13. That's absolutely terrible man...but toke up and browse GC if you don't have someone else to talk to. All of us here all have at lease one commonality among us, and that's love for the great green herb. So rest assured, no one here thinks you're a loser or druggie because you partake and say no to big-pharma.
  14. i smoke when i feel like that. usually takes my mind off it and i end up actually in a happier mood, and a better to be around overall person.
  15. smokin is best when ur down!

    jsut get away from everything.

    then some relaxation.
  16. I use weed for depression.

    It isn't a panacea, but it does help.
  17. Thanks for all the replies. GC really does feel like a community as opposed to just another forum.

  18. yeah i know how you feel, this forum might have some immature posters but most of them are down to earth and can relate to everyday problems, what i love most about these forums is everybody is unique in there own way, i feel like weed helps unlock it:smoke:

    maybei am too baked
  19. of course dude. im sure most of us here know how those days are. keep ur head man....time heals most wounds.
  20. Can't do any harm.

    You should try what I do when people start talking shit..."Sorry, what now? ..IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOU THINK!!":cool:

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