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smoking when youre sick?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by al3k5, Nov 22, 2011.

  1. Figured this would go here since I've got a cold haha. Can smoking help with a cold in any way? Or will it just irritate me more? Got a stuffy nose, and a little cough so far. Got a tattoo last Friday, and wanted to know what it'd be like to get one high, well I got that answered already haha. Anyways guess its just a matter of openion, but let me know guys.
  2. stuffy nose is one thing but if you smoke with a cough, its likely that it will turn to a hoarse cough. shit happened to me this week so i made a fuckton of edibles.
  3. I prefer to vape when sick, especially if it's with sore throat / cough. Edibles is another good way around smoking when sick. But basically I love to be high when sick. I may still show some symptoms of the cold, but basically I'm high and hardly notice, nor care much that I'm sick. lol
  4. Haven't been sick much since I started smoking, but usually it will numb the pain for a hour or 2 and then the sickness eventually goes back to where it was.

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