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Smoking when sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Zer0 AM, May 10, 2011.

  1. If you smoke when your sick, like a cold where you can cough and all that shit, will it give you a rougher cough afterwards while your sick?
  2. For me it may agitate my cold slightly, but the benefits I receive outweight the cons (if any sometimes) and I seem to get over my cold just as fast if not faster when toking
  3. Be gentle, smoke slow, corner the bowl, shit like that...and have PLENTY of water on hand (which is important anyway if you're sick). Last time I got high while sick it made it infinitely more tolerable and I got better WAY sooner than I used to. Good luck!
  4. Agree with above. Smoke slow, vap if possible, plenty of water or apple juice. I have found with concrete evidence that the more I smoke the longer it takes my lungs to recover from sickness. however this is probably mainly due to the cancer stix we call cigs. Definitly take it much easier on your lungs.

  5. Lol you did not get better sooner than you usually do bro, smoking will prolong your cold.

    If you vape it's great if you smoke it, well in my opinion, if you smoke it your throat will kill and you will regret it after your high.
  6. I have a bad cold at the moment, when I smoke up it makes me forget that I have a cold and I feel way better for a short period of time

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