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Smoking When Sick

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Breh, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. Will smoking when you're sick make you feel better? Like, let's say if you had a fever or something?

    I currently have some minor strept throat, so I'm not sure about that; but if any of you have had any positive experiences with getting high when sick, feel free to share. :3
  2. Trust me man, smoking and being sick at the same time SUCKS! big fuckin time, so if i were you i would try avoid smoking while your sick
  3. If your sick and want to smoke to get high then i dont suggest it...

    If your sick and want to smoke to relieve the pain then sure. I wouldn't smoke it though, vaporize or eat because it will just make your throat feel even worse, and youll be coughing for the next 15 minutes.

    Take a hit or two from a vaporizer.. Or take a hit from a smoking device, really not enough to get blazed but enough to make you forget about being sick..

    When i had the flu i took like 1 hit every other day to stop the pain (shit.. who needs advill)
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    I actually almost never cough. Like, I've trained myself not to cough because I frequently smoke at night with parents sleeping in the room right next to me. Last time I coughed was like a week ago because the joint I was smoking was just about gone and the smoke was hot as fuck.

    Anyway, assuming my throat feels no pain when smoking, will it make me feel any better? I know weed lowers your body temperature which (theoretically) could help you lower a fever temporarily, but I'm really not sure if it'd actually help fight the fever or whatever. I mean, would it help ease nausea, dizziness, or anything of the sort?

    The only thing I can really think of that I'm positive about, is that it'd help any aches or pains. Other than that, I'm not sure if it'll help with anything else.

    EDIT: I don't take pussy-hits. >:/
  5. For me, weed kind of enhances everything I am feeling. Whether its happiness, anger, or a headache. There are some pains that it will remedy, and sometimes when I am down , theres nothing like smokin a bowl to take my mind off things, but the times I tried smoking when I was sick it doubled how shitty I felt.
  6. i personnally love it, i tihnk it feels amazing, makes u feel way better
  7. I have some mild strep and a cold now and last night i smoked a lot. It took my mind off of my symptoms and I felt like my head wasn't as congested but then when i woke up this morning the soar throat was gone but the cold had gotten worse.

    Another reminder when ur sick think about the others smoking with you. we smoke blunts when were sick so that we can put one of those tips on when it comes our way too keep others from getting sick.
  8. I think it comes down if to the sickness has to do with your throat or lungs. If so, smoke will probably irritate it, otherwise you might be ok. Or you could vape/eat it as someone suggested before. Since everyone reacts differently with it, no one can really tell you how it'll make you feel while being sick.
  9. Actually marijuana has been shown to have regenerative properties, curing cancer and such.. i personally feel a lot better when i smoke weed when im sick... unless its really bad coughing.
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    I'm currently sick too. I tried smoking, but I ended up violently coughing and spitting up a bunch of shit... Now I'm reluctant to take consecutive hits.

    I didn't really have an appetite from being sick, so I'm sure smoking will cure that.
  11. smoking with strep not smart. make a delightful treat with cannabutter or something. when my lil sister got her tonsils takin out and she wanted to blaze we hotboxed a blanket. and she felt better after. but thats a little different.
  12. Weed has done wonders for me whenever I've had a hangover after a rough night. Granted, I've always been able to limit myself to the point where I don't have god-awful hangovers, but for the mild nausea, headache, and discomfort following a night out on the town, weed is my miracle cure.
  13. Is smoking with a little fever alright?

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