smoking wet green?

Discussion in 'General' started by bob_barker, May 6, 2004.

  1. Well it doesnt mean what you think you mean......i have soem plants that are almost ready to harvest.....we are doing it this weekend and i wonder if i smoke a little bud without drying it in the oven will it still get me high......hmmmmmm fresh bud no drying straight off the plant..........
  2. double yuk [​IMG]
  3. ^^^

    Yup. Don't smoke it wet. And don't dry it in the oven. Let it dry out naturally, and then cure it for a few weeks. Curing and drying are two of the most important steps. Don't slack on it, be patient man. Wait, the results will be better. :D

  4. what was i supposed to be thinking? pcp?

    but dont smoke any wet weed.. laced with pcp or just plain moisture wet...
  5. msoke wet green paint isnt good man,

    wait did i get something rong?
  6. I think he meant for you not to think "dried weed being soaked in water, then smoked".... But either way, get it dry first

  7. yeah if you dry it out faster, it loses potency(so never use the microwave or oven, itll ruin the months of growing you did)...which wood suck

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