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Smoking weed with tobacco mix?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Herbalist90, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. In the UK, everyone smokes weed with tobacco, due to the prices :mad: well I am an inspiring athlete, running the 100 in 11.18 and the 200 in 21.90, and im wondering, I currently use about a quarter of a normal cig in each joint, and I only toke occasionally, once every week or two, with my girlfriend, usually sharing a couple of joints. I dont smoke tobacco. Will this affect my running ability/lungs?]

    Many Thanks :smoke:
  2. I always smoke with tobacco. As a fucking stoner, I love weed, but to me It has to have a tiny bit of tobacco.
  3. since you smoke so little just drop the spliffs and roll joints
  4. So pure weed?
  5. Yes. I love tobacco, but that shit is fucking bad for you. Go pure man.
  6. Thanks man
  7. trying to give up the bakki myself, i suggest plunging in the deep end and getting yourself a bong.
  8. Inspiring athlete eh?
  9. #9 skuitarman, Aug 13, 2012
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    medicine and poison shouldnt be mixed. I'v also noticed if I smoke tobacco with my weed the high isn't as euphoric and doesn't last as long, it does tend to make my high a little less trippy tho. Also smoking anything is not that good for your cardiorespiratory system but since you only smoke occasionally you should be alright but if you start token every day get a vape its worth the money.
  10. I'm a cigarette smoker man... it' too easy to get addicted. Stay off it brother.
  11. tobaccy can help make the jay burn more consistantly. yeah its not going to help you make it to the olympics obviously, but all things in moderation.
  12. Are their any other alternatives to tobacco, because some of the weed i get doesnt burn alone
  13. Let it dry out more then. 99% of people in the US roll joints and blunts with just weed and it works fine.
  14. Hmm, best I would say would be pure or not at all, but I would use hand rolling tobacco rather than tobacco from cigarettes, its dry and harsh and tastes like shit. Also its much better on the lungs (or I think so), cigarette bakky always makes my chest hurt lol
  15. Tobacco use will hurt you more. Stick to the sticky ;) smoke weed and screw the tobacco. Don't get me wrong I enjoy a cig from time to time. But there's no reason to poison a perfectly good joint :smoke: blaze on brother
  16. Not in America
  17. Good question but u tell us if theres anything affected from smokin or u can talk to a DR and dont forget about vaporizers!
  18. Eww gross, but whatever floats your boat.
  19. I smoke both tobacco (try to quit occasionally) and cannabis, but don't like to mix the two. I may even have a cigarette and a joint lit at the same time, but I smoke them differently. I don't like the idea of holding cigarette smoke in my lungs as long as I do weed on purpose, and that's from a pack a day smoker.

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