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    Hi fellow tokers,

    Would anyone be interested in seeing a video of a working prototype of LaserBong?

    Smoking weed with lasers is not only healthier and better tasting, its good for the environment, because lasers are much more efficient than lighters.


    Updated: Video Posted
    [ame=""]YouTube - Wicked Lasers LaserBong - Light your bong with a laser[/ame]
  2. well, lasers use aa batteries and are therfor not really enviromentally friendly as these have to be disposed off. i have already seen a cigar being lit with a blue laser and lit a cigarette with my 125mw green
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    thats like a cute girl asking you if she can take her shirt off

    in other words VID PLEASE
  4. That's true when the batteries need to be replaced, however, the Laserbong uses a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged via any outlet
  5. Might not be, but it still may be the lesser of two evils compared to lighters. There's definitely more environmentally sound ways of lighting if that's what you want, but lighting something with a laser is just pretty cool and being stoned while doing it would be even cooler
  6. let's see the vid! right meow!
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  7. Said like a champion. I would like to see this, a lot. I wanna be able to light up with light; that'd be like killing two birds with one stone.
  8. Agreed. A visual aid would be nice.
  9. It's all fun and games until someone looses an eye.....

  10. rofl, true dat. lasers + glass = NO
  11. Is it me or does it smell like spam in here?
  12. lol qftmft
  13. yeah kinda sounds like advertising to me. hmmmm
  14. He said prototype. That implies that he is not selling anything.

    Chill out, everyone.
  15. Spamming is bad. Lasers are good. I'm willing to let this one slide.
  16. It's a great idea until you get a 125+ MW laser reflected into your eye...though I suppose once your already blind that wont really matter.
  17. Video Posted - [ame=]YouTube - Wicked Lasers LaserBong - Light your bong with a laser[/ame]

    Any comments/suggestions appreciated
  18. hahah, HIGH tech smoking.. i like it
  19. Anyone else know that one person in your group of friends who would buy that? Is he also the same person that might put a hole in their hand because they were blazed and didnt know how to operate it?

    That would be me.
  20. Is there a locking mechanism so it can't flip down on accident while the laser is on?

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