Smoking weed with Grandma and Opa

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Dankiskahn, Jan 20, 2010.

  1. You all ever smoke with your family holidays and I mean like every body from little joey to your randma? One nite I was smoking with the pops and he looked over at me and said "Corey, I like marijuana now...I always liked it." I told I was glad to get it for him.:smoking:

  2. Lucky, I wish I could blaze with my grandparents... They're like, "Marijuana is bad for you hur hur!" I've blazed with my cousins and uncles before though.
  3. My grandma says that she thinks weed should be legal and alcohol prohibited but then turns around and says well I don't want people who smoke weed in my house. Like a prejudice against the millions of Americans who smoke. I said you wouldn't notice any difference in my behavior attitude or anything if I quit smoking. She's like I know when your high, you think that eye stuff helps(I said and it does lol), that's not what I mean. I mean something you don't see, smell, find, notice, or smoke can't hurt you. I go outside, use visine, and cologne. I can't wait until I can get a job to move out.
    I smoke my dad out sometimes, that's the only one. My favorite uncle burns but won't with me, I'm still a kid to him..he will be all glassy eyed and shit at my other grandma's house and I'm like c'mon man! :devious:
  4. OP I have a question, are you German?

  5. I know right? I was thinking something along the same lines.
  6. Haha I'm asking because Opa is grandfather in German. Why else would he be calling his grandpa "Opa"?
  7. yeah im german and i call my grandpa opa and my grandma oma

    sooo yeah he's prob german.
  8. Not necessarily.

    I too have an Oma and Opa, except they're Dutch.
  9. Nah, Im american. Sorry. lol
  10. Haha same, cept my Grandpas Scottish and we call him Papa.

    Also, I vow to smoke up with my Ex-Stoner Oma by the end of 2010:hello:
  11. never blazed with my grandma nor grandpa but i have blazed with everyone else :D
  12. I've head my grandmother steal my weed and I made her pay me back. lol. My grandmas mean..
  13. If you aren't German or Dutch then why do you call him Opa? :confused:
  14. Was just gonna ask that too because my family's Dutch and we called my grandfather Opa.

  15. ................
  16. who cares?

    id love to burn with my grand parents. of course i would probably get punched in the face before i can say wanna smoke with me.

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