Smoking weed with contacts on?

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  1. I hate glasses so I'm getting contacts. The thing is my eyes get red whenever I smoke weed, so I usually put Visine in them. Now my question is, I heard your eyes get dry when you have contacts on and smoking weed will make my eyes even more red. If I put visine in my eyes while my contacts are on will my eyes not be red anymore? Because the visiine will only touch the contacts not the eyeball itself.
  2. The contacts will only come into contact with the iris and cornea of your eye, the Visine will still be able to clear up the redness but I have zero experience in this matter and would hate for something to happen to your eyes. Google may be your friend.
  3. The effect THC has on your eyes will not effect the contacts or you're eyes at all. I know plenty of people with contacts who smoke with them on with no issues whatsoever. They will still be red and glassy if you smoke enough, but some visine or other redness relievers would do the job,.
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  4. i had that issue i doute it was caused by cannabis consumption. few times it got so dry they'd fall out or split in half. ouch. maybe it was a new brand.... used to sleep with a trial pair in for months only removing them to clean them in a peroxide contact solution. got a new brand . slept one nite still attached and when i took them off they were suction cupped on. after removing, each blink was equivalent to 10 paper cuts on my eyes. the following 48 hours are constant tear streams to repair my eyes.
    a few times of unplanned napping while wearing them, i just went back to glasses, sense they didn't blind me in 48 intervals.

    I think it was bright tv and a dark room to blame. smoking may have cause engorged eye ball blood vessels "red eye". eye drops never help anyways but i soon grew out of red eyes, tolerance i guess. equilibrium balance, mabye?
    only time herb smoke hurts my eye is from a gas mask bong.

    It there a specific time of day your eyes would get dry? light stimulus may be factor for lubrication.
    contacts are for cosmetic purposes. Glasses and cannabis however are not cosmetic but medical.
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  5. i think eye drops caused the red eye effect honestly.
    Not sure why you hate glasses beside the blind spots and laying head down. but they are more attractive than someone constantly fingering their eye sockets, drenching them in visine.
    Never saw 20/20 eye sight as a fashion show either nor should it be mimicked by the visually impaired for social status.
    The only real advantage for pro contacts is the prescription in the corner of your eyes and no more tunnel vision from glasses. hardly useful in comparison.

    What if you get trapped in an elevator for hours and have to read tiny letters to rewire the doors to open(bad examp). Contacts wont last in a survival / life threatening scenario. just wareing contacts will be problematic. I know zero people who got contacts to work without negative effects.

    Ive heard of a new lens that can be attached to your eye and removed by doctors if unwanted. its based on fractal technology.. iIs not lasik . its not really surgery either.

    Never got infection from contacts myself, but i know of people where surgery was needed to save the eye.

    Just try the trial pair for the time limit and follow the instructions before you commit and buy a year supply, if you haven't already.

    Contacts may be nice for wedding and special events. Not causal dayly basis.

    Is your objective to hide red glossy eyes?. from herb? contacts are an ultimate excuse for that.
    or you just worried about them drying out regardless of cannabis's effect.

    If you know how to one handed drop visine in your eye you can move the contact to the side to lube under it.

    longer message than planned basically a rant.
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  6. Do not. I repeat do not use any eye drops that are not made for contacts when your wearing them. It's terrible for your eyes and can cause some contacts to degrade in your eyes. I've never found redness relief eye drops that were made for use with contacts. I've always taken them out, then put the visine in. Then put my contacts back in.

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  7. i don't think insurance covers contact related injury.

    The question went right over my head. sorry haha.

    will my eyes not be red anymore? Because the visiine will only touch the contacts not the eyeball itself.

    you'd have to combat the sole purpose for redness.which is unlikely by treating the eye's lens.
    eye drops are for irritation! not eye color due to blood capillaries enlarging.
    as far as the dry contacts it should lubricate effectively with little effort. I found holding my eyelid open till a tear is made works or just slide the contact with a clean finger. 3 blinks and its back to its proper spot and axis tilt ect.

    But im still wondering if this is and issue to avoid the bloodshot stoner stereotype. or simply medical not social.?
  8. I think if you're going to insist upon wearing contacts while blazing up, you need to wear something like these:

  9. iv allways wanted prescription goggles. instead of glasses
  10. My optometrist specifically told me to stop using visine, I didn't mention I used it she could tell it was fucking up my eyes and gave me a bunch of drops approved for contacts.
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