Smoking weed with an ex meth addict

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  1. I smoked with my close friend who was an ex meth addict. My wife told me I shouldn't have done that.. but I genuinely feel he is a changed man and that's not going to make him be like "FUCK I need to smoke some meth" I'm a strong believer that herb is no way a gate way drug, and he's not the kind of guy to want to escape reality because he enjoys to many simple pleasures in life. Did I fuck up big time?? I really don't think so.. but idk. What do you guys think?Sent from my SCH-I545 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. As long as he doesn't chase the dragon you should be OK.
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  3. If the fucker camps out all night in the shitter all night then you done fucked up.
  4. Its pretty doubtful getting stoned one time would instantly throw him back in especially now that hes clean and knows the benefits to not using meth.
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    That would depend on how over meth he is. You shouldnt have done it. Marijuana isn't a gateway drug for normal people but since he remembers the high of the meth the marijuana is a gateway drug for him. You shouldnt have done it.
    All it takes is one time for  him to say to himself "I smoke weed just fine and it's only a little meth. I wont get hooked like before"
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  6. You're good brother! I'm sure he's an adult and can handle himself. Just because you smoked a little herb with him doesn't mean he's going to want to go out and score some dope. Seriously, don't trip so hard
  7. I know a lot of ex addicts that smoke weed now and they love the herb and do not wish to go back to unmentionables... But it all depends on the person I guess
  8. I guess it depends on how he isI've heard stories of ex meth/heroine etc addicts that smoke weed and actually benefits them. I don't think I've heard a negative story but I'm sure there is regardlessSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  9. My cousin used to cook meth and I've been strung out 3 times in my life. Although I see it as my drug of choice, I'm convinced that I'm past it now. For one, I'm too fuck'n old to stay awake for a week at a time. Smoking pot is completely different, if the mutherfucker wants to tweek he'll find a way, with or without you. Don't beat yourself up. You didn't do it to him.
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  10. I'd've still felt a little weird lol
  11. I had a friend who was clean for a year and a half off meth. He's recently relapsed, but to his 'credit', he's not going batshit like he did to begin with. You're not forcing his hand to the globey, so whatever follows ain't your fault.
  12. Unless you forced him to take a hoot then really what's the issue? 
    Your friend can make decisions for himself.. speaking from experience, weed is not going to want him to jump back into the glass. 
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  13. My friends and I use to smoke weed and drink with an ex-meth head. He says he's always fiening for it, because weed is a teaser for him. In the end, it's his life, you don't need to make the choices for him. Everyone has their own path to worry about.
  14. nah man he should be fine, weed and meth are at pretty much the opposite ends of the spectrum. if he can take a hit without relapsing then he'll be fine. most people hooked on meth wanna quit it anyway.
    think about it, if he wasn't smoking a quiet one with you he could be hanging out with his meth buddies instead. hardest part of kicking addiction can be getting away from the people you used to get fucked up with (which are normally your only friends at that point).
    keep smoking w/ him I say, you could be helping him.
  15. It good

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  16. The God has spoken! and I see we both are still celebrating christmas lol

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