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Smoking weed with a tooth infection

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alecksander, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    This is my first post! :wave:
    A little background on me: I am 22, I have been smoking weed since 2006. Never really had any issues with smoking at all until recently.

    To start off this series of events I'll explain my ordeal. Only just recently (the past couple of smoking sessions) I have been having major panic attacks right in the peak of my high. :( I thought to myself "Shit this is a bit out of the blue! I've been smoking pot for at least a good 4 years"
    After a few nights of internet research I came to the conclusion that I suffered from anxiety and that the best thing for me would be to quit smoking pot altogether, much to my disappointment! :mad:

    Back in 2009 I had issues with my wisdom teeth (third molars) erupting. I went to the dentist and he told me to go get an 'OPG' (Dental X-Ray) to see if the teeth will become impacted or not. So it turned out I was not in any immediate danger or ruining my teeth, but the dentist reccomended for me to have them extracted just to be on the safe side.

    After about a week since seeing the dentist my teeth had stopped hurting and I figured everything had returned to normal and thought "no need to spend the $1300 to get them extracted"... Silly decision on my part! :rolleyes:

    The soreness would come and go from my teeth for maybe 2 weeks at a time with a good 3 months between each episode but nothing excruciating so I simply put up with it.

    The last weed session I had (about a month ago) made me REALLY ill. I was shaking and had fever, racing heart, dizziness, feeling feint and tired for a good 3 days. I went to the doctor to get it checked out. He checked:
    - my blood pressure... normal
    - my pulse... normal
    - blood test (blood count, blood sugar levels)... normal
    He even hooked me up to an ECG (electrocardiograph) and those results turned out normal aswel.
    His conclusion was that I was just stressed and that it was basically just in my head... even though my symptoms were VERY physical and real!
    After a couple of days of good rest and eating jelly beans I got my energy back and thought I was out of the woods, though I still felt weak and still having minor chest pains ever since. Even drinking a couple of beers would bring on the symptoms! (At this point I was REALLY bummed at the thought of never being able to smoke weed again :()

    Just recently, over the past 3 days severe toothache has set in. I bought a large pack of Nurofen Zavance (ibuprofen) to try and make things a little more comfortable. It is reccomended to take a maximum of only 6 capsules every 24 hours. I was up to 10 capsules in 16 hours! and started to panic. I had a panic attack, just like the ones I have been having after smoking weed.

    So first thing the next day (being today) I went to see my dentist. He managed to find the old OPG scans of my teeth from back in 2009, and decided to extract the problem tooth. After he injected the local anaesthetic I started to have a reaction and that same type of panic attack ensued and I was trembling uncontrollably. It was BLOODY EMBARRASSING!!! He noticed my shaking and said "okay looks like you've got an infection" and cancelled the procedure and rescheduled it for next week and gave me a script for some antibiotics to clear up the infection before trying the procedure again.

    So basically, putting off getting my wisdom teeth pulled for almost 2 years has caused me to develop an infection that has resulted in all these terrible symptoms upon smoking weed, drinking alcohol and even taking ibuprofen!

    I really do hope that this means I don't suffer from anxiety and that I can continue smoking weed again once all this infection and wisdom teeth drama has passed!


    Sorry for the 'life story' but I just had to get it out!

    What are your thoughts? :confused:
  2. #2 radioactivebud, May 6, 2011
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    Just cool it with anything but those antibiotics. Wait for your medical work to be done; try toking up again after you've healed up.
  3. why no antibiotics?
  4. Just chill with the weed man. I mean, it's giving you bad experiences so leave it alone. You obviously have some issues you need to take care off first.
  5. I totally agree.
    I won't attempt a toke until im 100% healthy. It might be a good month before I try some.

  6. "Just cool it with anything but those antibiotics."

    Meaning, stop using anything BUT the antibiotics.
  7. Ahh gotcha, thanks :eek:
  8. Pot that causes stress and panic attacks, should not be smoked when you are already stressed, physically and mentally, smoke is also bad for teeth. I would say start a week, or a half week after them wisdoms are gone, if it gives you the same result, consider another hobby.
  9. Were you able to smoke again without a problem ? I'm going through the same thing at the moment & about to get antibiotics & a root canal. I was wondering if I could smoke again without a problem after I get everything done
  10. It doesn't sound like this is a weed problem, it's the fact that you waited to get your wisdom teeth extracted and ended up with an abscess. And as far as the panic attacks are concerned, that's a mental health thing and unless you have access to a strain suited for that, you're better off with Xanax, Valium or some other fast-acting benzo. I normally don't advise pills but for people that get panic attacks, benzos simply work, and work well.

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