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Smoking Weed VS. Drinking Beer (Health)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Blaze518, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. Latic acid is what is in your muscles and alcoholic is what happens what happens in small organisms (like yeast) to produce ATP (energy). Both fermentation processes are used to create energy when oxygen isn't present, and both are natural and God given.
  2. Alcohol kills something like 20,000+ people a year. Weed= 0 deaths per year.
  3. true this
  4. I only use the stupid "It's natural!" argument against Christians when defending my use of marijuana. Christians are too busy praying to go look up that alcohol is also natural as TBird nicely explained.
  5. alcohol is worse for you in the long run.
  6. - Marijuana itself does not kill braincells. Holding your breath deprives your brain of the oxygen it needs therefor killing braincells.
    - You cannot O.D. on weed, you would have to smoke your body weight in five minutes which is physically impossible.
    - Over 100,000 americans were killed last year in alchohol related deaths, thats right 100,000. How many were killed from weed? ZERO

    Drop your beer and grab a bong! :bongin:
  7. People can be dependent on weed.

    Ghosting/holding hits can kill brain cells.

    Everyone always brings up overdosing. Yes, it can happen, but you have to be a moron to have it happen. Normally you'll back out before.

    Smoking is VERY bad for your lungs. I don't know what you mean 'a little bit'

    I get burnt out. I've never had a hangover. It depends on how your body processes alcohol.

    There are other ways to do the things that marijuana helps. 'Relieves pain!' take vicoden that the doctors prescribed you. It works better, and there's a reason they gave it to you.

    -Over time can cause major damage to lungs, cancer included from the smoke.
    -My friend has puked from weed. Many people have. Smoking to much, greening out.
    -I'm going to assume you're just making this up as you labeled it a depressant when marijuana is too. A depressant is something that slows down metabolic processes. Do you feel relaxed when you smoke? Your muscles relax. Weed is a depressant.

    Smoke the same amount they drink. 1 Blunt (since you're making alcohol to be so bad, you won't have a problem smoking the most damaging way since it's still, APPARENTLY, not as bad as alcohol). 1 blunt = 1 beer. Yeah, see who's left awake/etc.

    Btw, I could drink beer all day and not be drunk. If I smoked weed all day I'd be high. It's called drinking beer for the purpose of drinking, like water. You don't chug water, you sip/drink it in a controlled way. If I drank 4 beers in 4 hours, I would be completely fine and it would all probably be out of my system. Smoke a blunt an hour for the full day and you'll be retarded, or you'll just pass the fuck out from being sleepy.

    Also, I've noticed heavy marijuana use (or, if you smoke some times and think you're awesome or something) leads to many fallacious arguments. Well, they're not actually arguments considering they're completely biased...
  8. ^^^go to an alcohol forum haha
  9. never thought of it that way. +rep
  10. god also created opium but that doesnt make the drug any more healthier than synthetically made beer

    the god created argument is a fallacy :cool:
  11. #31 P8NTBLR, Dec 22, 2010
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    Dont you have to process opium and and other chemicals to make it a drug? and Alchohol needs to be combined with other products and 'cooked' by man right?

    Cannabis is just taken directly off the plant and smoked. you can let is sit 'cure' for a smoother smoke if prefered but not needed to start smoking right away and therefore Alchohol/Opium are not a natural product, weed is for its ability to be used and enjoyed after your harvest.... trim and enjoy

    Man made booze,
    God made pot,
    one will kill you
    the other will not

  12. Show me a story about some one "Over Doesing" while smoking weed, You cant your wrong, and No one said the WAY you smoke we cant be un-healthy. But id gladly do 2 fat bowls vs 2 beers and hour, Completely fair if using a bong.
  13. Ok some real facts taking favour of none but it is all about perspectives and views. What i mean by that is your typical smoker usually smokes ciggarettes too, we all know what cigs do but that usually doesnt factor in to the question and im not gonna factor it in but its a truth. Im just gonna spit out fact not prove any kind of point

    - Kill brain cells
    - It is a depressant but by definition because of what it does to the body, ignore this fact
    - CAN cause alcohol poisioning
    Long Term
    - Destroy the liver(could cause you to be in and out of hospital on dialasys and die that same way)

    - CAN kill brain cells, brain cells are killed through the restriction of air(the longer you hold in your hit which is sometimes a long time)
    - Shortness of breath by affecting the respiratory system
    - Increased heart rate
    Long Term
    - Thickens your cell wall on your brain causing slower thinking as an overall affect where chemical signals take longer to reach each other
    - Possibility of various types of cancer but unlikely(similar to smoke in general including bbq smoke)

    I havnt touched on this in so long, bottom line no matter how you look at it alcohol is worse health wise than smoking. But like i said before perspectives, most poeple love smokes drunk, most weed smokers also smoke ciggs. Drinkers usually do it occasionally and once a day where are smokers can go anywhere from once monthly to 5 times a day. The best perspective is to compare a pothead to an alcoholic and without the facts we know weed beats the TYPICAL pothead. This argument never goes anywhere because of perspective and weed not having steady accurate facts in most places.

    You know as hard as it is to believe weed does have 3 times more tar tan tobacco... given that you are comparing these two substance for subtance and plant for plant. This is not spliff vs cigarette this is marijuana plant(weed) vs tobacco plant(pure tobacco before it hits factory). Researching from this perspective yes, however the weed is immediatly used from this stage in research where the tobbaco goes through a faactory to be manufactored into a ciggarette where they add gunpowder so it won't go out, rat poisioning and blah blah blah blah... im sure youv heard of a lot of gross things in cigarettes. Most weed smokers also drink keep that in mind too.

    Still much to be learned and much to be researched on weed more so than alcohol. Apparently based off of wikipedia THC is an anticancer, so whats that mean? perhaps at the same time as weed increasing chances of cancer it has somthing to help fight it too, overall does it cancel each other out? Who knows... I dont, that might not even be true.
  14. Opium is not a drug until it is processed by man.
  15. Blah blah "God made this, God made that."

    Show me proof besides some random book that says that. And I don't mean the crazy homeless guy outside of Walmart yelling about god is going to kill everyone soon.
  16. Get your friends to drink moonshine everyday, while you smoke White widow+ See who lasts longer.
  17. 1)Alcohol is more addicting

    2)So can holding your breath, maybe it isn't the bud that's killing braincells....?

    3)And by normally you mean eventually bc it is impossible....and who would even try that?

    4)Drinking is VERY bad for your liver, Drinking is worse for you liver than smoking is for your lungs

    5)I don't get burnt out, i get hangovers. It depends how your body processes mj.

    6)Ya, take vicodin, everyone knows prescription drugs are harmless and non addicting...it is a doctor giving it to you after all. Why are you on this forum..gtfo

    7)-Alcohol is still worse on your liver....
    -Someone else said it, mj doesnt kill braincells...
    -You cant tell me it's easier or more people get sick from Bud than alcohol, bc thats BS
    -Alcohol IS a depressant, google it....
    -Alcohol poisoning, ever heard of it? MJ isn't a depressant. "But your muscles get all relaxed!!!" Damn!, it HAS to be a depressant now! ...get real, and maybe evaluate your drinking problem...

    8)you're a joke....1 blunt doesn't equal 1 beer guy. 1 blunt to yourself would leave you toasted, would you get drunk off 1 beer?? 1 blunt = Number of beers it takes you to get drunk...

    9)This paragraph has left me dumbfounded. First off, you say you could drink 4 beers in 4 hours and be fine, then counter it with smoking a blunt every hour all day, yeah that seems equivalent..:confused:
    - then you say you could drink all day and not be drunk...i have a couple of issues with this. 1) that's not normal 2) just bc you're not drunk doesn't mean it isn't affecting your liver....seriously why are you on this forum....

    -"It's called drinking beer for the purpose of drinking, like water. You don't chug water, you sip/drink it in a controlled way" i chug water....when i have cotton mouth.

    10)You're so cool, drinking beers all day, i wanna be like you. and your argument is OBVIOUSLY unbiased so im going to listen to you.....ha :rolleyes:
  18. Like others have stated, the whole god argument is not even relevant, people and animals have been getting drunk for thousands of years. Yes, the alcohol today is processed by man, but so is our 20% THC strains that we smoke.

    This shouldn't even have to be debated, alcohol is worse than weed simply look at how many people it kills.

    We can sit here picking apart each others posts saying alcohol is addicting TRUE, and say that you can become dependent on weed TRUE, you can become dependent on fucking cheeseburgers and fast food! TRUE!

    0 people have ever died from it, and I would leave it at that.
  19. except that alcohol is also created in a perfectly natural process by yeast cells.

  20. Yeah, what he said. :rolleyes:

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