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Smoking Weed Virgins Out

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by BudBrownies, Jun 8, 2013.

  1. Have you ever smoked someone out for the first time?

    How did you make them feel comfortable and give them tips how to hit the piece right and get the most smoke.

    Was it a success? Was another stoner born after?
  2. Last night with one of my friends, was one of his first times and he got really high. We were just chillen watching tv and chatting and all the sudden he's like "guys did I fall asleep?" And we all said yes to fuck with him and he believed it that he actually fell asleep then he started talking to himself saying he was tripping and he was getting scared lol.
  3. My friend group were all non smokers and I was the only one. Slowly one by one I got them high and now theyre all sstoners hahaha

    We smoke all the time now and it was always great. Shows how great weed can be :D

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    Yes I did and it was annoying. He literally started petting grass and running into stop signs. I mean i know we all did dumb shit when we first started but god damn it was like 11pm and we were walking home, it was a buzzkill.  And no another stoner was not born after.
  5. um the first time i smoked weed(2010), i tried turning into a super saiyan but thought i had green hair/aura, started calling myself a super stoner(hence the name lol) then i saw a UPD officer like 150 yards away and tried blowing him up with attacks like big bong attack and mar-i-jua-na-HA! heat dome hotbox, lol. my friends were dying laughing.
    now to answer the question, last time i smoked with a rookie was oct 2012, he was just saying dude and smiling a lot. we were watching youtube and it was fun. he sobered up and left.
  6. no offense man but these threads are getting more and more idiotic.. 
  7. Its summer. The higschool kids are gonna get on and post stupid shit. Prepare now... on topic: never smoked a weed virgin out. I'm a loner stoner.
  8. #8 UKTokingGrower, Jun 8, 2013
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    I must have introduced like 20 people to weed, back when i was in school A few years back I was the one to break the ice i suppose. Usually if its their first time ill smoke them out with free bud and make sure they have a good time :)
  9. No it's not the kids out for summer. This guy has been doing it for mo. He is the GC troll master and then he thinks we smoke ourselfs retarded and forget all the dumb crap he puts up. Them gets pissed why no one likes him.
  10. This is how a kid that I'm friends with at school got me high. Like the kid is kinda notions for being a big dealer and kinda scummy with a hard life but he is such a nice kid and I just feel bad for him. So we have drivers Ed together and are goofing off in the back corner. The driving instructor used to be a huge stoner so she would always kinda give us a hard time when we were high hit always had our backs. Anyways we can an hour for lunch and so my friend asks of I smoke, even though I had only really smoked and gotten High like once, but I was just like fuck yea lets go blaze. So in a group we all hit a bowl and smoke like half a gram. The kid asks me how log I've been smoking for cuz I was "getting fat rips fr that shitty bowl" and I'm just like yea I smoke all the time. I was kinda one of the last quote on quote popular kids to start smoking cuz I was the best player on the bball team and didn't wanna kill my stamina. Anyways this kid that adults view negatively and is supposed to be a bad kid invited me to smoke instead of sitting at drivers Ed and doing nothing during lunch. Everyone thinks he is such a bad kid but he has a really hard home life with only his mom and has always been nice to me. It's a shame because I can see the kid is naturally smart and could do well in school but his environment at home just leads him to give up as be lazy. Well anyways that's how my friend got me ripped hahaha good kid I hope he does well now that we graduated. One love people
  11. Tell them to start by either inhaling lightly but steadily or by drawing the smoke into their mouth first, THEN inhaling. And it isn't uncommon not to really feel the affects the first few times someone smokes.
  12. Turned all my friends stoners one by one :p
    they used to all think it was this horrible drug thatd ruin your life, I educated them :smoke:

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