Smoking weed rather than working?

Discussion in 'General' started by Royal Vengeance, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. So ive heard it a lot on this site  "Does so and so job drug test"
    What i really want to know is for how many of you would that ACTUALLY affect your decision in getting said job?
    For the sake of this thread lets say its 40hrs a week at $8.5 an hour
    Thats $1,360.00 a Month.
    Ill start with my opinion which of course is biased lol but Id personally quit smoking for any job. 

  2. I'll always put my life ahead of trvial things like weed. I went on a 5 month t-break for work. Some things in life are just more important. Like food, a roof over my head, Comcast high speed internet, heating, condoms, etc.
  3. I agree with this. A man's responsibilities and priorities should always come before "wants" such as cannabis ,alcohol ,video games ,etc...... .
  4. Lol fuck that.
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    Good thing I got the fungus to keep me company. 
  6. Nah. I'm not going to change for some cooperate dick sucking position. Just because it's consuming drugs people pull the priority card, I value enjoying life much more than making money... Call me irresponsible, just a fancy word for free.
  7. [quote name="Cobra Commander" post="19442046" timestamp="1391190885"]Nah. I'm not going to change for some cooperate dick sucking position. Just because it's consuming drugs people pull the priority card, I value enjoying life much more than making money... Call me irresponsible, just a fancy word for free.[/quote]How can you be free without money? If by free you mean broke, then sure you're free. Personally there's a great feeling in putting in a weeks work and getting my dues to save, spend, and enjoy. But that's just my opinion and you're free to have your own. Sent from my SGH-T889 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. For me, it depends some on the availability of jobs and what kinds. I wouldn't stop if there are a bunch of decent jobs around, but that's not usually the case. Gotta make money.
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    I never said I was broke, just said I wouldn't change my ways for a job position to get money if they discriminated against personal choice, because that's what drug use is. So I'm not broke I just have simple living arrangements and few material things, I live cheaply. I do legit work a few days a week, I'm just lucky enough to have an informal position running someone's shop, no drug tests or personal discrimination, just good times.
  10. wouldn't do it for an $8.50 job since you can find another one of those easily w/o getting tested.
    but if it were a job that would help with my future then yeah of course.
  11. Has anyone actually been drug tested after initial employment on an entry level job?
  12. I quit for about 4 years due to A job that had random drug testing.. It sucked dick but it prepared me for a better job that doesn't drug test at all... And now my tolerance is so low, .1g will do the trick Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  13. I think when people ask "does so and so drug test" it's more in preparation. If they're pretty sure they can get on there, they need to know about the drug testing and whether they need to stop smoking in order to apply. I know lately I've been finding out that so many small-time retail places drug test for no reason. It's so they can disqualify you for workman's comp if you ever get injured on the job and the initial drug test is just to weed out applicants honestly.
    However, yeah if I knew I could get a nice job somewhere (maybe like answering phones or working in an office) and only needed to pass the initial drug test, I'd totally quit for however long it took. Until then, I'mma smoke up at my #1 job for smokers: pizza delivery.
  14. Drug testing is illegal in Canada so it doesn't affect me :p
    I didn't think they could have you on the job working BEFORE taking a drug test. Anyway I've had shit jobs that tested- Janitorial work, didn't get drug tested when I started (the boss had a freak accident before getting me hired) and they had a "fill-in" boss. Ended up getting test a few months later because of a rumor about joints bringing brought to work, good think I already had fake piss!
    Gas station drug tested me, Fred Meyers also drug tests but they used a cotton swab not pee. :hello:
    Yeah but I'm saying just pass the pre employment test then you can smoke after it.
  17. You only live once basically and I agree. I would choose a job where there is no random drug testing though. I wouldn't mind stopping to get the pre employment drug test, but nothing else after that.
  18. Really? Why is that you think?
  19. I have quit several time to get a job. The job in at now supposedly does random testing. Does that mean I don't smoke daily? FUCK THAT! Weed is a part if my life, always has been. No amount of money will ever keep me from smoking.
  20. Seriously, if you're going to work some dead end job for minimal wages, then find one that doesn't drug test. Fuck kissing ass and busting your ass to barely survive so some corporate fucks can benefit from your labor.

    However, getting a "career" is different. If I had the opportunity to get a good paying, respectable job I'd give up my habits for a while to ensure stability for a good portion of my life. Regular drug testing, though? fuck that. I'm not a criminal.

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